A wonderful collection of high quality pictures with sensational British amateur models. If you’re a fan of real natural girls playing with themselves including fingers and toys, chances are you’ll fall in love with this site. The models may be amateurs but the photographer sure as hell knows how to handle a camera. The end result is great in nearly every pictorial. New updates are coming twice a week, and the site also has a growing video collection.

Sample image of homegrown Manchester MILF

Sample image of homegrown Manchester MILF

While the softcore solo girl style has remained the same, it should please those who enjoy this type of content (in many ways quite similar to what you’ll find at a site like Only Tease, although you do get some masturbation with or without toys at British Hot Girls, while OT adheres very strictly to the “tease” part), as I very much do on occasion these days myself. The total number of models on the site is up by 40 – to 91 – since my second look two and a half years ago, and the number of photosets has grown from 260 to 448, which is a pretty decent collection, although it doesn’t exactly translate to a particularly brisk update pace given how much time has passed. Photo resolution has been improved and it’s now as high as 1680×1120 if you download the zip files.

The number of videos on the site remain rather underwhelming – in two and half years it has only grown from 59 to 111. That’s just not enough, even for a site centered primarily around photography. Video quality appears to have remained at 720×576 at around 1500-1800 kbit, with the exception of the two latest videos, which are in 1080p HD at 5000 kbit. If they stick to the same update pace it’s obviously going to take a long time before any significant number of videos at British Hot Girls are available in that excellent quality though.

UK pussy

Lingerie shots are more frequent with UK babes compared to other European amateur sites

The owner of British Hot Girls has politely requested a second look at the site, as a number of changes and improvements have supposedly made an already pretty good site even better. And so they have indeed. To get the most obvious out of the way first, the collection of photosets at British Hot Girls has grown from 177 back in January to 260 at the time of writing, which means the update schedule has remained stable throughout the year. The content is still the same as you would expect, hot amateur girls playing with themselves and more often than not dressed up in some pretty sexy outfits.

My main complaint in my original review was the small video collection and the unfortunate decision to only offer the videos in Real Player format (you can read in the original text below why I don’t care much for that at all). Fortunately a lot has happened here – the collection has grown from 17 videos to currently 59, and all but the 23 oldest videos are in Windows Media (wmv) format instead of Real Player. To make things even better, video quality has also been improved a lot and it appears as though most if not all the recent videos are in a 640×480, 1000 kbit or 720×576, 1500 kbit format.

A few other new additions are related to site navigation. There’s now an alphabetized model index with each model page showing info (age, eye/hair color, measurements) and linking to the photosets and video the girl in question has appeared in. A search feature addtionally allow you to search on various model info as mentioned above. With “only” 51 girls on the site so far, this may be overkill at this time though, but it’s certainly not something you can complain about.

As of last week photosets can be downloaded in zip files (still a few missing but I’m assuming they will be added) and there’s now a slideshow option as well if you prefer to view them online, and finally the “bonus” section includes 12 pretty neat looking and very sexy wallpapers for your Windows desktop (available in four common screen resolutions). The owner tells me a small story section will be added very soon as well.

Altogether a whole lot of more or less vital improvements to British Hot Girls, and I’ve added one point to the quality score (the new video quality is great, but I still feel that the photo content is the most important thing here, and it could do with a slight resolution boost as it appears most of them are 1080 px and they didn’t stick with the 1200 px increase they had begun), two points to the navigation score, three points to download and one point to value for money. The video collection in particular has obviously grown quite a lot, but given that some of the other sites in the amateur review category are pretty damn large, I’m not quite ready to add any points to the quantity score. An justified increase in overall score from 85 to 92 in eleven months isn’t half bad though.

London sextoy test

Final sequences produce well skilled sextoy scenes.

Original UK Hot Babes review:
I think I mentioned in another review recently that I’ve really started warming up to sites heavy on photo content lately, after a long period where I’ve pretty much only wanted video, video and even more video. Admittedly, I still prefer the latter when we’re talking hardcore porn, but a good old photo certainly still gets the job done extremely well in many cases – especially in solo sets with a hot chick as the main attraction.

Such is the case with British Hot Girls, a clean and well designed photography site with a simple but both hot and very entertaining concept. British Hot Girls currently has 177 photo sets, most of them containing somewhere between 70 and 200 photos, and the name of the game here, as already indicated, is solo action (with the exception of a few girl/girl sets) with fingers and toys. Most of the around 40 amateur girls on this site are pretty hot – quite a few smoking hot, and much to my delight we usually get to see them in various sexy outfits ranging from lingerie over schoolgirl and secretary uniforms to pink panties and shirts with matching boots. We even get one of them dressed up as a nun.

Aside from the impressive photo collection that keeps growing with around two new sets every week, you will also find a small video collection at British Hot Girls – the same concept as you would expect, amateur girls playing playing with themselves. There are currently 17 videos on the site, but they are adding a new one every week so it shouldn’t be too long before British Hot Girls has a respectable video collection on top of the photo content.

To return to the main attraction on the site, the quality of the photos is excellent – no unfortunate side effects of being an amateur site are showing through here, the photographer obviously knows what he’s doing. The resolution is also great at 1080 pixels on the long side, although I don’t think it would have hurt to have one even higher (1200+ px) and perhaps one lower as well. I personally don’t mind only having one option when it’s as good as it is here, but I’m not sure everyone else necessarily feels the same.

Moving on to the video quality: The videos at British Hot Girls are available in two different qualities, both a just about acceptable (given that it’s not a video heavy site) 360×288 resolution and with a bitrate of either 350 or 1000 kbit. The bitrate on the high quality version is fortunately enough to mostly make up for the fairly low resolution and make the videos watchable in fullscreen. And here comes the rant part: The RealPlayer video format is the only one available and this in my opinion is bordering on unforgivable. Actually I don’t know what possessed them to even offer it as an option when they could have gone with the commonly used Windows Media (wmv), mpeg or DivX (avi) formats like the vast majority of other porn sites do with everything but their oldest video content.

RealPlayer is the only media player that will play its own video format (there are a few workarounds I will get to below) – and that particular player has been a bloated and intrusive piece of software ever since its early days. It should be better now, but with the free version you still reportedly get adware and constant nags trying to convince you to pay to upgrade to the Pro version (some advanced media players are worth paying for if you’re a power user – from what I hear even the Pro version of RealPlayer isn’t) – not to mention that it supposedly does its best to take over your computer in all aspects concerning media files.

I chose not to install it at all, and if you haven’t got it already you may want to do a Google search for “Real Alternative” and see how you can use your regular media player to watch the videos. The photo content is obviously the main focus at British Hot Girls, so 17 videos in a format that will probably annoy many experienced web surfers and tech heads (everyone else would probably just happily follow the link to RealPlayer on the site and install it – although they might regret later) is not exactly a recipe for disaster, but if they plan on expanding the video section (and it looks like they do), I seriously think they should reconsider their choice of video format.

That aside, I very much enjoyed British Hot Girls – the girls and the content is hot, and the quality of the photo content is great with the video quality not lacking too far behind (the choice of media format aside). With two new photosets and a new video added every week, it looks like this site is well on its way to being an extremely impressive contender in the amateur photography niche.

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