Despite a few previous simplifications over the last couple of years, to their old bonus site “member loyalty” system, where you would – in the most recent variation – get initial access to 25 network sites and the rest following later, it was still slightly confusing and the initial sites partially depending on whether you joined the 21Sextury network through the main network site (the links on this review page), one of the two largest network sites, Club Sandy and Pix & Video, or alternatively one of the smaller niche sites.

That confusion has now been removed entirely and you get instant access to all currently 37 sites in the 21Sextury network, no matter which of the sites you join through. Any future site additions to the network (about a month ago they just launched a new one with daily updates for instance) will also be instantly available to members of course. The 21Sextury network is now well past the 10,000 scenes mark (10,599 to be exact at the time of writing) and have if anything slightly increased their update pace over the last several months, with most days now seeing the addition of 4-6 new videos and photo sets across the network, instead of the usually 1-4 that was typical for a while earlier last year.

In September last year we finally got a much delayed improvement in form of the promised higher photo resolution. While video remains by far the most important aspect of most porn sites for me, I’ve always been a big fan of the great looking exclusive photo content from 21Sextury, but next to the full 1080p HD videos, the 1280×800 photo resolution was looking rather outdated (particularly when you’re watching it on a 1920×1200 monitor). While older content remains available only in that resolution (I don’t know if they plan on going back to change that at some point), new photo sets can now also be downloaded in an alternative “high resolution” zip file with 3000×2000 or larger photos (4256×2832 is the largest I’ve come across so far), which should certainly remain future proof sizes for at least a few years to come.

As for the content itself, 21Sextury keeps delivering a ton of great exclusive HD video and photo content – with old and new models – in particularly (but not limited to) the lesbian, solo masturbation and anal/double penetration niches, while an assortment of decent 3rd party hardcore content is still being added regularly to the various smaller non-exclusive sites in the network. This is definitely still my favorite porn site network, and in terms of price excellent value for money, particularly if you plan on or end up sticking around for several months. The 21Sextury network is quickly approaching 10,000 videos and pictorials spread across the included sites. The counter is currently reporting just over 9,600 scenes and usually between 1 and 4 new ones are being added every day. All the major network sites with exclusive content (all in 1080p and 720p HD these days as mentioned in previous review updates, plus lower quality options and Flash streams) are still going strong, although the largest of them all, Pix & Video, has dialed the update pace back to a new scene every other day rather than the previous one per day (so the same as Club Sandy now). Hardly a major disaster for a site that weighs in at nearly 2,500 scenes though.

In a blog post in March I mentioned the return of one of my favourite models, Sophie Moone. She took a well deserved break from modeling after doing well over 400 videos and photo sets for 21Sextury between 2003 and 2009, in addition to her work for various other studios. Sophie wrote in a recent post in the new “Fanclub” section in the network that the plan is still to begin updating Sweet Sophie Moone again (she has apparently been shooting quite a lot of new content since Spring this year), but so far members have had to make do with two brand new solo scenes, four lesbian scenes plus a few behind the scenes videos, available at Club Sandy or Pix & Video. We might be waiting for more, but for Sophie fans it’s certainly still a whole lot better than when we thought she might actually have retired from modeling for good. And they are additionally the first Sophie Moone scenes in HD.

(Update, July 25: Sweet Sophie Moone started weekly updates six weeks ago. So far around half of that has been behind the scenes stuff and interviews, but with a few new Sophie scenes at Club Sandy as well over the last month, we’re now up to a fairly respectable six new lesbian scenes and five new solo masturbation scenes from Sophie in 2010 – plus the BTS stuff at Sweet Sophie Moone and Club Sandy).

And onto another network related note – most (likely all, I haven’t bothered checking) of the 21Sextury network sites are now fully integrated with the new site interface, so you no longer have to log in from the main hub site to enjoy the benefits of the improved design implemented in November last year. But since logging in from the hub site was obviously never any more of a problem than going through one of the other sites, that probably has little practical value for most members – well, at least the members who happened to have read this review and knew about the hub site. I’m not sure it was properly advertised within the old member areas. Overall, with old and new gorgeous models, a ton of exclusive content now in full HD quality, a nice mix of niches (with the ones they do best, and most plentiful, still solo, with or without toys, lesbian and anal/DP) and some excellent pricing options for recurring members, the 21Sextury network not suprisingly remains my favourite porn package.

In the “new” generation of European babes (that is to say, those typically around 18-22 year olds who’ve been at it for less than three years or so, as opposed to many of my long time favorites like Eve Angel, Jo, Sandy and others, who have typically been modelling for as long as 8+ years), one I’ve been almost universally impressed with particularly the last year has been Blue Angel. Her new official site – Blue Angel Live (direct site link) – launched as part of the 21Sextury Network a month ago, and while the initial video and photo content was mostly recycled from her previous appearances on other network sites like Club Sandy, Pix & Video and Asshole Fever, everything added since has been brand new – and like all recent exclusive content throughout the network, available in 1080p HD. I better stop here so this network review update doesn’t turn into a full blown review of Blue Angel Live (I imagine I may do one of those later this year), so I recommend you just check out the preview pics and Flash trailers on the tour page from the link above, if you want to know more about the specifics of the site content.

Back in 2009:
The new user interface I’ve been writing about in my previous two review updates from October has now been implemented (still with a “beta test” label though, and I’m told additional features and improvements are planned) – although for the time being only when you log in through the new hub site (it still doesn’t matter which site you join through, your username and password will of course work for all the network sites and the hub site). That means that all the network sites, assuming you log in as I just mentioned, now share a single very modern, slick and powerful new member area – although you can still, with just a couple of mouse clicks, choose to browse models and content on a per site basis instead of network wide, or choose to filter out the content from specific sites in the full listings. Whether you choose to browse on a site or network basis, everything is now neatly laid out (not that the old separate site interfaces are bad, but this is definitely a very significant step up) and the powerful content and model filters make it quick and easy to narrow down your searches. Or you can just simply browse the content based on date or rating.

Additional interface improvements includes a significantly better integration of the streaming Flash player (not all the pre-HD content is available in Flash format, yet at least, so you’ll typically have to settle for downloads for videos from before 2007 or so), which allows you to view videos in either segments, each one indicated by a screenshot, or in their entirety – and if you choose segments, once one is finished playing, the Flash player will automatically continue with the next one without reloading the entire page, there’s just a short buffering pause before it continues.

Flash videos now also play in a larger part of the window (approx. 980×550 pixels) embedded directly into the video page, and the highest quality available for particularly the most recent videos (from early last month and forward) is razor sharp.
Those same videos are the ones that are now available for download in not only the 720p HD, 3000 kbit quality that was introduced in the network in 2008 (in addition to several lower qualities if you’re not interested in HD video), but also 1080p HD at 8000 kbit. Photo content is more or less the one remaining thing that could still use a boost from it’s now relatively low 1280×850 resolution. I’ve been informed that they are planning on adding a 3000 or 4000 px version, although no exact time frame has been given yet (I just noticed that 3000 px photo content is actually being advertised near the bottom of the main tour page, so I guess that would suggest it might not be too far off in the future).

Overall the improvements are so significant that I really don’t have much choice but to upgrade the navigation/design score to 10/10, which means the 21Sextury Network now becomes only the second site review with a 100/100 score. Do keep in mind that a 100 score here doesn’t mean perfect – nothing really is after all – but just really, really good. Assuming of course that you’re into mainly gorgeous Eurobabes and hot lesbian, solo and hardcore b/g sex with high production values. And since this review page has grown rather dense with all the updates (that “Quick Review” label at the top of this page is really starting to look more than a little out of place), I guess I can throw in the highlights here, just in case you don’t feel like going through all the text below (and much of the original pros/cons section further down the page is now entirely out of date anyway).
+ Currently 8,900+ scenes across all 40 network sites.
+ 3-6 new scenes every day.
+ Arguably the leader in Eurobabe porn with all the hottest mainly Eastern European models, both major names (450 videos and photosets with Sophie Moone, 350 with Sandy, 140 with Eve Angel, 90 with Sandra Shine and so on) and new up and commers (a few of the most popular examples from the last couple of years include Madison Parker, Cindy Hope, Anita Pearl and Blue Angel, all of them covered with 30-70+ scenes in the 21Sextury Network, some of the videos as recent as this month).
+ Mostly top notch exclusive content, although some of the smaller hardcore niche sites do feature what looks like licensed (usually non-Euro) content.
+ The oldest and largest network sites, Club Sandy and Pix & Video, have been online for six years.
+ Asshole Fever still has my vote for best dedicated anal site out there (and DP Fanatics makes for an almost as impressive companion site, and then there’s all the additional anal content in the network).
+ 720p HD video quality since mid 2008, plus 1080p HD since last month.
+ A site interface that’s now up there with the best I’ve seen.
+ Almost always, barring some rare hiccups, some of the fastest download/streaming servers I come across on a daily basis, porn or otherwise. I can usually count on hitting speeds around 2-3 MB/s, and occasionally it will peak at the maximum speed of my 50 Mbit connection, 6 MB/s.

And there you have them, the main reasons for all my continual shameless praise of this network. I first got hooked back around 2004 when it was pretty much just Club Sandy (or alternatively Pix & Video, no network access back then) with a couple of hundred videos and photos, and now it’s – in this reviewer’s opinion – the best damn porn network out there, and they certainly aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Just a temporary follow-up to my October 8 update below. I just wrote a blog post earlier today with a few screenshots from the beta test version of the new member area, and after mentioning the extremely sharp new Flash videos, I noticed that the download versions of the most recent videos (the same ones that look best in the Flash player) from Club Sandy, Pix & Video etc. are no longer just available in 720p HD, 3000 kbit quality (plus several lower options) but also 1080p HD, 8000 kbit. While the redesigned unified member area has yet to be officially launched, the 1080p videos are already available on the various sites, as is the extra large and very sharp Flash version of those same videos. As soon as the new member section is implemented (no time frame has been given aside from what was said in the news I quoted below, but it definitely looks very close to finished) I’ll make sure to update the individual site reviews with all this new info and some new screenshots.

Update, October 8 2009
Additional improvements (aside from the daily content updates of course) to the 21Sextury Network are apparently just around the corner. The news post from yesterday on their sites pretty much puts it about as plainly as it can get, so I’m just going to quote it:

“Dear Members, Network introduces new changes in the loyalty system. Our previous “30 instant websites + monthly two new additions” changes like this: “25 instant websites + 10 new additions first month + 5 new additions next month” Altogether you’ll get access to 40 websites, including three megasites!
But that’s not all! We’re going to launch our new Member Area, packed full of useful features, such as filtering by model features, scene features, etc. This will allow you to view all your favorite genres or models instantly – with just one click. New Member Area is in the final beta testing phase, details are coming soon, keep tuned!”

I guess the change from 30+2×5 to 25+10+5 sites can only be considered an improvement if you’re planning on sticking around past the first month, but if any network makes it worth doing just that it’s most certainly this one.

Since I already have full network access – and don’t plan on cancelling anytime soon – I’m obviously mostly interested in seeing how that member area redesign pans out. As I’m pretty sure I mentioned several months ago in some of the individual site reviews, the tour pages of most of them received a major overhaul quite a while ago, and while the current member area sections of the various sites most certainly get the job done, particularly the two largest network sites Club Sandy and Pix & Video were probably overdue for a graphical overhaul if nothing else. I’m sure I’ll mention the changes when I do my next review updates of those sites, and the others – but I’ll probably hold off on those for a few months still as I did the previous ones fairly recently.

Note: I just checked the join page of Club Sandy and right now it looks like there are some conflicting numbers on the page about the total number of sites in the network and how many you get initial access to. I’m assuming they’ll get it sorted out at some point, but otherwise just ignore it knowing that no matter if there are 40, 45 or 50 sites in the network (and this probably still relates to the difference between joining the network through CS/P&V or through one of the other sites instead, which, until now at least, gave you some additional small(ish) bonus sites with CS/P&V content), you’ll get access to a whole lot of fantastic content immediately after joining. It looks like there might have been some minor changes to the price structure as well. A one month recurring membership appears to still cost about the same (I’m unable to verify the USD price though, as I’m shown the price in Euro – €24.95), just as the three and six months option have apparently been ditched in favor of one very heavily discounted one year non-recurring membership at €77.40. For now though I’ll hold off on updating the price info above and in the individual reviews.

Update, January 13 2009
This is turning out to be a whole lot of updates for a single network review in just a few months, but since I felt the network introduction further down the page needed a revision, I figured I might as well throw in a few lines up here as well, just to say that – as you may already have noticed – I have recently updated the DP Fanatics and Lez Cuties reviews, and confirmed, as expected, that they are both among the now many sites in the network with HD video. Still no sign of Sophie Moone in HD yet though – I really hope they get around to upgrading her site sooner rather than later. I think I can already safely say now that the next update to this review will add three points to the score – one in value for money (now that you get initial access to a larger number of sites) and two in content quality (I’ll give them a little more time to increase the number of HD videos, but Club Sandy and Pix & Video in particular are obviously rapidly getting there), and to be honest, in my mind this is probably already a 98/100 network at this point. But then I’m a sucker for gorgeous Eastern European babes, so I might be ever so slightly biased.

Update, November 23 2008
The number of 21Sextury network sites with HD videos keeps growing. I was actually a bit surprised tonight when I noticed that the latest few videos even on a number of the smaller sites I haven’t reviewed that mostly recycle content from Club Sandy and Pix & Video, were in 720p HD. I haven’t done a full count but I would estimate that around half the network sites now have at least some HD videos. Another 12 days before I can confirm it for DP Fanatics though, and unfortunately 42 days before I get access to Lez Cuties with my current membership. As I said in my update below though, I strongly suspect both of these sites are among those that already have a substantial amount of HD videos. I’m still waiting for Sweet Sophie Moone to catch up though – unfortunately that gorgeous babe hasn’t received the HD “makeover” yet on her official site.

Update October 2008
I have just updated the Club Sandy and Pix & Video reviews, as both those sites have now also made the switch to 720p HD videos (retroactively back to August). There are a few sites in the network I haven’t had the opportunity to check recently with my current memberships (I’ll be able to do that in a month or two), but since DP Fanatics and Lez Cuties also have redesigned tour pages, I strongly suspect they’ve been upgraded to HD as well. I confirmed a few others in my update below. In total around seven 21Sextury sites now have HD videos.

The latest updates brought with it a few network changes as well – and whether or not they add to or detract from the confusion I described in detail in the review intro below, I’ll leave up to you to decide. Basically you’ll now get approx. 30 bonus sites no matter which 21Sextury site you join – plus the additional two sites for every month you remain a member. Combo memberships appear to be out entirely, but they were admittedly starting to make less sense as you would have gotten access to the second site sooner or later anyway, and often after just the first or second month as a member. And though the Club Sandy and Pix & Video combo was a very nice one indeed, you do now eventually get access to the other when you join one – and the increased number of bonus sites, some of which are built from content from CS and P&V, means that you’ll get a virtual ton of content no matter where you start.

September 2008
It looks like 21Sextury is now gearing up for a conversion of many of their sites to HD video. The tour pages of several sites have been updated to a new wider format (similar to that of their latest HD sites Mighty Mistress and Dominated Girls – direct site links) and with HD logos. Nothing has changed in the member areas yet though (so they are doing a bit of false advertising by getting those fancy new tours up so soon), but in the news section of the site they apparently plan to convert first, they mention that not only new videos will be available in HD, but the older ones will be converted as well (though I imagine they can’t be talking about all of them since some of them must surely have been recorded well before they started shooting in HD).

Additional note, September 10: It looks like the first HD videos are up on a few sites. I’m just downloading videos from Teach Me Fisting as I’m writing this, and I was surprised to see that they apparantly moved to 720p HD already back in May (I don’t recall seing that advertised on any of their sites, and in fact the member section still modestly mentions “high resolution DVD-like quality videoclips”, only the tour pages have been redesigned so far). The latest video at Footsie Babes (direct site link) is also in HD, and it looks like Asshole Fever and DP Fanatics are among the sites that will follow suit with their next updates.

… I’ll be damned. Looks like the conversion is happening right as I’m writing this. A video I downloaded from Asshole Fever just half an hour ago has now been replaced with a HD version, and so it appears, have all or most of the others added since May this year, just like at Teach Me Fisting. Looks like this major video quality improvement might happen a lot faster than I had expected afterall. It will be interesting to see how long it will be until the two major 21Sextury sites Club Sandy and Pix & Video go HD. I don’t have access at the moment unfortunately (went the route of Asshole Fever with my current membership), but I rather suspect I’ll check back in very soon.


Written by Richard Reader

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