This site has great hardcore gang-banging of hot woman can’t get enough cocks at once. You could call then cunts or bitches and nobody would complain about the rudeness. Pity there are so few of them. Bang me Boys is in a very popular niche but like many of its genre there are only a few full length episodes and updates are quite irregular. The video quality is pretty good, photos are acceptable and the download speed excellent but the lack of content gives it a lower score. But it is unique and raw.

I’m one hungry pussy, so getting banged by 5 studs didn’t scare me that much… But when they started plugging all my holes at once, I knew I was in for the ride of my life!

Why do we list it at all? Well the good news is that membership gets you access to all the Brainpass sites and over 50 other sites from Canada. This is masses of high quality porn but it is not masses of gang banging. So its a few good gang bangs and masses of other porn or choose a different gang site – Your call porn lover.


gangbang Claudia Rossi

Claudia Rossi in the mix with five horny studs.

Written by Richard Reader

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