Not an individual model site in the usual sense, blonde Hungarian superbabe Sandy plays site hostess and active participant in many of the hardcore lesbian and solo videos and photosets on this site. Like its sister site Pix & Video, Club Sandy has a huge and extremely hot collection of European babe porn.

Another combined review update for the two largest sites in the huge 21Sextury Network, Pix & Video and Club Sandy.
As before nothing has changed in the style of content here, still a great mix of exclusive solo masturbation, lesbian and hardcore b/g video and photo content on both sites, with both familiar and extremely popular faces, as well as new models, some quickly gaining popularity around the web. As for the active “hostess” of Club Sandy, Sandy herself – new updates with her have slowed down considerably over the last year or so, but with a ~14 year modeling career behind her and 400+ scenes on Club Sandy, you can hardly blame her if she’s feeling in need of a break or perhaps even complete retirement from modeling sooner rather than later. At 34 she’s still smoking hot (though I was never a huge fan of the boob job she got several years ago, but then I rarely am with those things), so I’m certainly not going to complain if there should still be a lot more to come from her. While the total number of daily content updates throughout the 21Sextury network has pretty consistently been weighing in at 4-6 videos and photosets a day, Pix & Video has slowed it’s pace slightly to the same as Club Sandy, meaning a scene with video and photoset every other day. There’s no real need to start panicking though – at 2,430+ scenes Pix & Video remains a rather huge site by almost any standars, and with 1,480+ Club Sandy is certainly no slouch either. Not to mention the grand total of well over 10,000 scenes in total across the entire site network.

babe ass

Teasers are just the start

Update: November 2009
A new and heavily improved unified member area for the entire 21Sextury Network has just been implemented. Rather than repeat the details in all the individual 21Sextury site reviews, I refer you to today’s update of the main network review instead, where you can also find a batch of screenshots of the new member area. Note that for the time being at least, you will need to log in through the new main hub site (direct site link) to access the new interface, as the old ones remain in place if you log in to one of the individual sites instead. It doesn’t matter which network site you join through, you username and password will of course work for the new hub site as well.

I haven’t added any points to the navigation/design score for these individual network reviews, but that’s mostly just because I’m a bit lazy and can’t be bothered to change the numbers on a whole slew of category and assorted other pages. On the other hand, aside fromt the interface improvements, the video download and streaming options are now really also so plentiful that a maxed score in that category is justified, which means we would in theory be looking at 100/100 scores today for not just the main network review but also three of the individual network sites, Club Sandy, Pix & Video and Asshole Fever, and as fantastic as those three sites are, that score probably still seems slightly excessive – even with a scoring system I’ve already admitted several times over the years turned out a bit flawed and too top heavy. So in that light the current total scores for the various 21Sextury site reviews still look fairly reasonable, even if a few of the sub scores aren’t perhaps entirely what I feel they ought to be. As for Club Sandy, it’s still being updated like clockwork with a new photoset and video every other day (they previously alternated between photoset and matching video, but in the new site interface they list both for the same day), plus an extra backstage or similar video once a week. It also looks like I had previously underestimated the amount of content on the site a little, as I had just multiplied from a monthly average. At the time of writing the new site interface lists 1,295 Club Sandy scenes (backstage content etc. is typically without photosets, so I’ve gone with a rough 1,100+ estimation for photo content).

Update October 2008
Both Club Sandy and Pix & Video have now joined the growing number of 21Sextury sites (I think they are up to six or seven so far, although there are still a few I haven’t had the opportunity to check with my current memberships) that have made the switch from a merely passable video quality to an excellent 720p HD on recent videos – a quality that will no doubt get the quality score bumped from 18 to 20 when a bit more HD content has been added. They have however done some retroactive HD upgrading on these two sites as they did on the others, and everything I checked back to mid August was in HD.

Hard and slippery masturbation is the next step

Hard and slippery masturbation is the next step

The tour pages at Club Sandy and Pix & Video have also received a major makeover, but it remains to be seen if the same will happen for the member areas. Asshole Fever and the other sites that have been converted to HD got new tours as well, but there have been no changes to member sections there yet – not that any was really needed, aside from a few minor visual tweaks perhaps. The tours at CS and P&V have fully functional content and model browsing though, so it certainly looks like the same new design will be applied to the member sections sooner or later. The Club Sandy and Pix & Video makeovers have also brought a few other changes with them – even more site network confusion. Well, actually I guess you could also argue that it has done the opposite and removed some (only some) of the confusion. Combo memberships are no longer available for the two sites, and it looks like no matter which 21Sextury site you join (one of those two or another), you now get additional access to around 30 other sites, still with two additional bonus sites for every 30 days you remain a member, until you have access to the entire network. If you want to know more about the network structure I suggest you check out my recent 21Sextury Network review.

Update: July 2008
Here’s a little something I thought some of you might be interested in – at least those of you who happen to be Sandy fans like me. She’s done her – as far as I know, and I’m pretty sure – first hardcore guy/girl scene ever (alright, blowjob only, but it’s better than nothing). Sure, she has “lent a hand” in three or four previous threesome (FFM) scenes at Club Sandy (including another one together with Mya Diamond, who also joins Sandy in this new scene), but never going further than jerking the guy off, plus in one case, a bit of mostly off camera blowjob action that may or may not have been faked (you could only see the top half of her head bopping up and down).

Not so this time. In a long two-parter released on June 24/25 and July 28/29 (four dates because of two photosets and two videos, as per the usual update schedule at Club Sandy), Sandy not only made sure May Diamond got well and properly fucked, but Sandy herself engage the large, black cock in some vigerous handjob and footjob action, and while it may be the first time she’s had a real cock in her mouth in front of a camera, she certainly looks like she’s had plenty of practice at home. She really swallows that thing, with saliva dripping from her mouth and all. Sure, if I just had to look at it like any other hardcore scene, I’ve certainly seen far better, Sandy’s excellent cock sucking skills not withstanding, but since it was her first on camera, this was definately something very special for fans. The only thing I wasn’t too happy about, was that Sandy keeps her silly, feathered, custome ball mask on the entire time. Perhaps a way of covering the scene with a slight veil of anonymity to seperate it from her usual lesbian and solo performances? Or perhaps I’m just reading way too much into that and they just thought it would be a fun little idea (and one I seem to recall them using a couple of times before in the past).

I just rejoined Club Sandy and Pix & Video yesterday – for the first time in probably around six to eight months – to get my hands on the latest lesbian and masturbation videos with a few of my favourite Eurobabes, so I might as well use the opportunity to write an update to these two reviews. Contentwise these two sites continue like clockwork with a daily video and photoset at Pix & Video and (usually) alternating videos and photosets at Club Sandy. Still lots of gorgeous East European babes, both old member favourites like Sandy (only at her own site), Sophie Moone, Eve Angel, Jo and numerous others, as well as a regular stream of new – but often already popular – girls. The model list now weighs in at over 400 girls at Pix & Video and slightly fewer at Club Sandy. Both sites also maintain their mix of masturbation/toys, lesbian and hardcore guy/girl (often anal/DP), and the two former categories should also regularly please those of us who occasionally enjoy or girl/girl and toy porn a bit extreme – you’ll usually still get fisting and rather large dildos at least a few times a month. And now from things that I feel are still as great today as they were when the sites launched over four years ago, onto that other thing that hasn’t changed either, but really should have a long time ago… Oh, wait – hang on a second… What the hell?! I don’t believe it – they’ve actually gone and upgraded the video quality back in October last year. From the almost archaic (but number defyingly decent looking) 400×300, 1000 kbit to, based on the new videos I’ve sampled, 640×480 with a variable bitrate that seems to be somewhere around 1000-1200+ kbit.

Well, that was about damn time. Alright, so this is still a far cry from the 4000 kbit 720p widescreen videos several sites have adopted over the last year or so, but it’s an improvement nonetheless (and few or none of those HD sites really serve as direct substitute options for CS and P&V, so I guess they felt they could get away with less). Thanks a lot for that 21Sextury. Widescreen HD in 2009 then, please? Oh, and one final note to end these two review updates. A membership to either Club Sandy or Pix & Video (or both with one of the discounted combo memberships) now includes access to ten smallish bonus sites (anal, DP, big tits, teens, blowjobs etc.). I’ve only given them a quick look so far – CS and P&V are by far still the main attractions here – but it looks like they stray away from the typical 21Sextury Eurobabe focus, in favor of assorted US, British etc. well known (Taylor Rain, Julie Night, Riley Shy, Dana Vespoli, Nikki Hunter and more) and unknown girls. Overall those ten sites look like a fairly decent bonus, and the video quality here doesn’t look too shabby either – seemingly on par with or even slightly better than the new format at the two main sites.

October 2006
Since I’m doing “2nd looks” of two other sites from 21Sextury today, I figured I might as well take the opportunity to make an update to the Pix & Video and Club Sandy reviews as well. I’m gonna take the lazy route out and use this same text on both reviews, because of the many similarities between the two sites and the shared model archive. Since both sites were already huge and extremely impressive when I reviewed them back in December last year, there won’t be any changes to scores, just this update about the current state of Pix & Video and Club Sandy.

It should come as no surprise that both sites are still going strong with new exclusive content updates every day (and at Club Sandy site hostess Sandy is still appearing in several scenes every month), and neither has missed a single one since the sites were launched in December 2003. The mostly shared model archive has also grown a bit since my original review, from around 200 girls to roughly 300 – most of them still the usual East European hotties, some doing only solo masturbation scenes, many others lesbian as well, and some starring in the hardcore guy/girl videos that Pix & Video still has a bit more of than Club Sandy. Also worth mentioning (although I think I did include it in my original review) are the weekly backstage videos at Pix & Video, with behind the sceens footage from two other 21Sextury sites, Asshole Fever and DP Fanatics. It’s actually quite entertaining to watch a hardcore anal scene being shot, both the initial photo session as well as the video. Club Sandy and Pix & Video remain among my all time favourites, the only thing I really have to complain about is the video quality. It’s still servicable thanks to the fairly high bitrate – even in fullscreen – but isn’t it about time to get that resolution boosted to at least 640×480? Are you listening 21Sextury?

One could almost get away with going the lazy route on this review and copying the better part of the text from the Pix & Video review I wrote earlier today, but I do not want to give you the impression that I am a lazy ass SOB who always run for the easy way out (seriously, I am not – really). As I mentioned in the other review, Club Sandy and Pix & Video are best described as sister sites, but as I also pointed out they do in fact have some notable differences – and no shared content, so we are not talking about two versions of basically the same site here. mContrary to what the name of the site suggests, Club Sandy is not a typical individual model or “solo girl site” – rather it is a pretty huge site with around two hundred gorgous East European babes in mainly solo masturbation, lesbian and some guy/girl scenes. The beautiful and charismatic Sandy plays the role of site hostess, but since she is a very active participant on the site appearing in well over a hundred videos and photosets, I figured the site deserved to be listed with Individuals as its primary review category.

And now on to the part that I could just as easily have copied from the Pix & Video review, but decided to rewrite slightly to get past that whole laziness issue. The around 200 almost universally gorgeous girls at Club Sandy include the hottest x-rated babes to come out of Hungary and the Czech Republic in recent years. Names like Sophie Moone, Eve Angel, Sandra Shine, Anetta Keys and Sandy herself should ring a bell with many if not most of my fellow porn fans, and they are joined by a ton of other more or less well known beauties. Club Sandy is such a large site and has so many photosets and videos of some of the girls named above that it could almost function as a fan site for several of them. As mentioned the focus here is the babes having fun with themselves, their girlfriends, or for some of them, occasionally with a guy or two. Barring the latter where real meat is involved, there is generally no shortage of large and small toys being used on both willing pussies and assholes – and some of the dildos are downright huge. With a fair number of solo and lesbian fisting scenes, Club Sandy is also, like its sibling site, leaning towards the very hardcore, even extreme on some occasions. Which is something you will definitely not hear yours truly complain about.

Sandy herself does pretty much anything except men. Huge dildos, anal toys, fisting – Sandy is up for it, but do not expect to her take on a cock. She does however lend a helping hand in some threesome scenes, and seeing her firmly grap a cock and lead it into the mouth, pussy or ass of her girlfriend – even jerking it off and taking the load over herself, proved to be extremely arousing and teasing, knowing that her own mouth and pussy was off limits. The around 300 large photosets at Club Sandy are in a remarkable and highly professional quality – a complete match to the glamour style used at Pix & Video as well. It may be too glossy and glamorous for those who prefer their porn with a touch of amateur, but most of the girls are so naturally stunning that it rarely feels like artificially looking and bland pornstar pics. The video content is plentiful. I think in fact slightly outweighing the photo content. In general though you will get a matching photoset and video and the daily updates alternate between the two. Pix & Video adds both photoset and video every single day, which makes it dwarf Club Sandy in terms of sheer content quantity. Club Sandy is still a downright huge site though, and is as such also deserving of a 20/20 score in Content Quantity – especially since it can partially be considered an individual model site and is not rated as a mega site like its sibling. As I also mentioned in that other review, the video quality is not quite a match for the stunning high resolution photos. The video resolution is a passable 400×300, but a pretty high bitrate ensures that is still good enough for full screen viewing. I am hoping to see an improvement in the future though. Now you will have to bear over with me as I opt for the easy route and use a direct quote from the Pix & Video review.

“To sum up. Pix & Video is best described as a hardcore mega site starring the hottest babes from Eastern Europe, with content leaning quite heavily towards lesbian and masturbation porn, with or without toys. And it is one hell of a site.” Replace Pix & Video with Club Sandy, tone down the “mega” part slightly and place the gorgeous and sexy Sandy as the very active babe in charge and you have a pretty accurate description of Club Sandy. So which of the sites should you choose? Well, there is a nice discount if you opt for both, but aside from that it is really mostly a matter of whether or not you want Sandy who can only be found at this site. I love her and I think many of her videos are among the best on the two sites – but Pix & Video does have the edge on quantity (both sites have enough content to keep you entertained for a very long while though), around 30 additional girls and a bit more guy/girl action. Your choice.

Link to visit Club Sandy

Written by Richard Reader

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