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Chinese prostitute waiting for her punter. Clean.

Have you ever been on vacation is China, Philippines, Indonesia or Hong Kong? Then you know about the popularity of girlie bars, massage parlours and hooker hangouts in various places. Gentlemen can enjoy stylish entertainment with sexy ladies from various different countries. The basic concept is comparable to escort shops. Punters visit a massage parlour, gogo bar or some infamous watering hole. They talk to the women who are all there to offer services of questionable activities. Prices are negotiated within certain parameters dictated by competition among providers and punters are able to take girls out to their hotel or a nearby love motel for completion of negotiated services. Other than in western countries, services are rendered in excellent quality and scams are very rare. You get what you pay for.

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Asian Sex Diary is a compilation of such accounts of a traveler who calls himself John Tron. He carries a heavy French accent and it’s been stated he is a former professional martial arts champion from Canada, but this fact has never been proven. He is great in motivating his conquests for screen action. People familiar with privacy issues know how difficult it is to snap nude pictures of Chinese hookers for example, yet to make porn movies. His site is very successful so he must be able to pay those girls a lot of money. Good for viewers.

Tired of themed, fake Geisha porn sites with the same models? Asian Sex Diary is all about reality sex with genuine hookers from South East Asia. Streaming videos with brothel workers, escorts and sexy masseuses.

The site started in the Philippines and expanded with conquest in Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and in various European countries (some of that is fake). There are over 400 hookers displayed as models, many of whom even engage in anal sex. For those who love anal sex with Asians will love this site as it is very unique. Other will probably be haters when they observe a western punter have unprotected sex with so many dirty hookers.

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Chinese brothel: it’s very spacious and comfortable. The sex worker is rather attractive.

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IMO the best true amateur POV porn site on the web. The shoots and photos are done by one guy (“John Tron”) who is chronicling his journey through not only Asia but also at times all over the world. The site includes literally hundreds of shoots with no-name, most likely one-and-done Asian amateur girls though more recently the shoots have included candid POV shoots with vacationing porn stars, such as Gina Gerson. To say the least, there are almost no restriction to the type/color/age of girl that John will creampie.

And creampie he does. Probably 97% of the shoots end with John cumming inside a girl. Sometimes he cums after 10 mins, sometimes after 65 mins, sometimes he cums 2-3 times in the same hour+ shoot. There is no telling what is going to happen – though a creampie is almost guaranteed. (And almost disappointing when it doesn’t happen!)

John shoots the girls with various cameras and adeptly edits in a couple of angles – though the primary one is POV. Each shoot includes a streaming-only video and usually a series of clothed, nude and sex photos shot pre- during and after the sex scene. Each day and shoot includes a small review of what took place and how he met the girl – as a matter of fact many of the shoots include a portion where you get the see the girl talking and interacting with John before they fuck. It truly is a diary and you are welcome to join John on his creampie-filled journey.

The Cons: I guess I wouldn’t recommend this site for those that like “studio”/”stunt cock” porn where the lighting and conditions are perfect and there are 3 videographers and photographers shooting cheesy poses.

Some might not like the fact you can’t download the videos. But honestly, where are you going to put nearly 900 videos?

Some may not like that all of the girls aren’t “10s” or some might be chubby or ugly. Well, this is a diary, not a book of perfection.

The real PRO I take from being a member of the site is that it is almost entirely plausible and candid. I admit that at times some “drama” or “fluff” might make its way in, but for the most part you get to see how John lives his monger life.

It may not be for all, but if you are sick of the overly-produced bullshit, this site is a perfect escape.


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