AV9898 (yep, strange name indeed) offers members a very large collection of Japanese produced hardcore porn – more than 250 DVDs in downloadable format and excellent technical quality, and with a new full DVD added every day. The site is well designed and easy to browse (although you’ll have to be a fan of Japanese porn to recognize and find your way around all the movie titles and girls – fortunately they are divided into categories as well). These movies are quite different in style from the typical Westernized “Asian” porn. With a few exceptions it’s absurdly different. There’s no doubt in my mind though that for fans of Japanese hardcore porn, AV9898 is a great site, not lacking in volume, quality nor user-friendly design.

In the case of AV9898 we are specifically talking about Japanese porn, which, aside from good old fashioned cock in pussy sex, also means a number of fetishes any hentai fan (or people who actually have watched Japanese porn) should be familiar with – school girl uniforms and a bit of bondage and SM for instance (not too much of the latter here though, but they sure do love their uniforms).

AV9898 is an inviting and well designed site with a very large collection of DVD content from ten Japanese porn studios – 259 downloadable DVDs in total at the time of writing, and a new DVD seemingly added every day. Aside from browsing the site by studio, movie series or models, the DVDs are also placed under categories like Teen, Uniform, Hot Girl, Big Tits, SM/Toys and Group along with a few more (five hentai DVDs for instance), making it relatively easy to find what you’re looking for. There are also 16 small video stills with every DVD, providing a nice preview.

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As I already brused upon above, the style of these movies as well as the distinctly natural look of the girls (not a whole lot of clean shaven pussies or boob jobs here), is quite different from typical Western porn – including what many of us regularly watch in the “Asian” niche with girls like Katsumi, Miko Lee, Loni and Charmane Star, and I get the feeling Japanese porn is more of an aquired taste for us Westerners. At least for me the style is just too different from what I’m used to with the otherwise quite varied selection of hardcore porn I regularly watch, but clearly I’m just not in the intended target audience here, so perhaps I was actually being a bit too bold when I took it upon myself to review this site. Moving on to the technical quality of the movies. In one word – great. Two different qualities are available, both in Windows Media (wmv) fomat – 640×480, 1500-2000 kbit (the site lists them as 1500, but a few of the ones I downloaded were actually 2000 kbit) and 320×240, 700 kbit. All the DVDs are chopped up into typically 6-10 parts of equal length, and they are obviously intended to be watched in their entirety rather than in individual scenes (unlike the porn DVDs we’re used to here in the West with typically 4-6 scenes with different girls, these Japanese movies often seem to star only a single girl and not being divided sharply into scenes).

Some movies download directly as wmv files, while others have each chunk compressed in a rar file (similar to the more commonly known zip format) which is part of a multi part archive, meaning you have to download all the 6-10 files before you can unpack them. Great if you plan to watch the whole DVD as they are clearly intended. Not quite as great if you just want a quick peak before you decide if it’s worth downloading several hundred Megabyte.

As already mentioned, the style of this Japanese porn doesn’t really fit my personal taste in hardcore porn all that well. No twelve inch cocks stretching pussies and assholes to the max (and if it’s regularly at the same time, then all the better), no rough throat fucking with same monster schlongs, and I generally find many of the girls looking a tad too natural (ie. hairy). Now even a hardened porn vetaran can still deal with softer than what is described there (not even referring to the last comment about smooth clean shaven pussies), but after having taken AV9898 out for a test drive, it looks like I must admit it’s back to girls like Katsumi, Loni and Mika Tan in your typical Western style porn flick the next time I’m in the mood for “Asian” porn. Even if a review is in essence just a personal opinion, I still don’t think it’s fair to let my personal turnons or turnoffs be heavily reflected in the scores though. There’s no doubt in my mind that AV9898 is an excellent site if you happen to like this style of porn.

Homepage: www.av9898.com (English version)

Written by Richard Reader

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