What are the best Asian chat portals? Most regular chat sites do have Eastern hostesses in their portfolio, but not that many. So the big question: where are they? Since Asians who do camming are of rather low education they do prefer to frequent portals with support for their market. It’s family business for them: sisters, cousins and brothers. They feel lost and alone on bigger portals where they are disregarded as cheap meat, so to say. That’s why there are some special chat hostess platforms that cater to Asians, only. Most of the women inside chat rooms are from the Philippines with some Asian-American, Eurasians, Japanese and Thais mixed in between. The new Mike has compiled a small and comprehensive list of Oriental cam sites for you in this article:


She devil from the Philippines performs tease in her free chat room. Asians are very cool to chat with: funny and sexy.

The mother of all Asian cam portals must be Asian Babe Cams. Why? Because it has it’s origin in the Philippines and caters to mostly Filipinas and their fans. It’s a rather isolated portal that enjoys large popularity with women from the Philippines and their lovers/haters. Unlike other platforms, it’s never been open to cammers outside from Asia (with very few exceptions). Chat times on Asian Babe Cams have come down a lot to 99 Cent per minute in private chat. Free chat is still free and no registration is needed. Once people register they have free access to private pictures and screen shots from those cam girls that have posted them to their portfolio.
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The second most popular portal is also based in the Philippines: Filipina Magic. This platform once started out under the name “Jade Cool” in Angeles City. It’s main cam studio was so popular they rented a large place in the middle of the city. At that time the headquarters alone must have had at least 40 to 60 chat rooms in just that one location in addition to many other studios around the country. Today, chat hostesses represent a mix of college girls who work out of their home bedrooms and a lesser number of small cyber sex dens – that’s how they call cam studios in the Philippines. Filipina Magic is rather cheap and affordable. Their website design looks a little bit old fashioned and could need some facelift, but hey, the girls won’t care.
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As you see the list of chat sites with genuine Asians is rather short and limited to cyber workers from the Philippines, simply because they speak and write English best. There is a small number of Thai cammers on both networks as well as on some larger networks like Jasmin or Hot Olivia. In general Asian cam portals are less professional than European or American networks. The lack of competition and slow bandwidth connectivity make them work on desktops and laptops only. Due to their outdated technology, they won’t work on neither tablets nor mobile phones. On the other hand, it’s probably still easier to surf erotic websites on your home computer for privacy reasons. Enjoy your favorite Asian pussy.


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