Searching Oriental chatgirls will mostly find you hostesses from the Islands of The Philippines. Webcam studios have became part of the outsourcing industry in this tropical South East Asian country that is known for its beautiful women and poverty alike. That’s probably the reason why many Filipino girls will chat for a fee that is considerably cheaper than those from Europe, Latin America or North America. But it comes with some inconveniences.

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Bikini clad Filipina model poses for her webcam to attract new boyfriends.

Filipina video chat looks today like it did 15 years ago. Technical advances of the industry are lacking here. Video chat still requires a real personal computer running Windows or Macintosh operating systems. It won’t work on mobile devices and they have no plans of changing that. Since it’s a niche service for lovers of Filipina women the providers are able to exploit their quasi monopoly in this section. The slow internet speeds in rural parts of The Philippines, low education of their models and old age of their typical customer allow them to deny technological advances. As a result video quality is rather poor. The streams are small and dark. Depending on the model’s internet connection the chats may time out at certain times.

On the positive side: Chatting with Pinay women is a great experience. Why? They are very natural, funny and trust-seeking individuals. Compliments go a long way in a short time frame. Tell her how charming she is and that you would like her to be your girlfriend and she will present herself with all the womanly warmth one can dream about. They are simple and caring.

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Since they earn significantly less money from camming compared to their Western counterparts they have less equipment available. Don’t expect them to provide an arsenal of sex toys for example. Most of them have a dildo or vibrator at hand, but many newcomers don’t. Most will use their fingers. Naughty ones will get creative and use whatever they can. One of the funniest experiences we encountered was with a chat hostess named “Simple Student”. She always got so horny from inserting 4 fingers inside her vagina that she started to look for something bigger. She climbed up her bed and slowly inserted a wooden post on the corner of her bed. A memorable experience watching her, certainly. BTW, she quit cams after 3 years. During a church visit she found a new boyfriend who is a priest (aren’t priests diallowed from having girlfriends?) Well, go figure. Filipinas are hard to understand but easy to feed.

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I admit I am addicted to chatting. I remember 15 or 20 years ago when cams were still using dialers I almost had to file for bancruptcy after 3 months of chatting. It was a convenient way to kill my time and setup dates. It takes some effort and smartly spent money, but a good portion of chicks will do dates. The Philipinas here are a lot cheaper when it comes to chatting. My cheap skate trick is to watch ongoing shows in voyeur mode. That means when they do shows with another customer I chime in as a voyeur. That’s mostly offered for half the price. While not all the girls do that, most do. Hope I can travel to The Philippines one day to setup some real dates with them.


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