Japanese women are very attractive and photographers from the land of the rising sun are known to be some of the finest artists worldwide. However, most nudes and sex movies are censored with ‘mosaics’ due to legal reasons that prohibit exhibiting pubic hair and genital details in publications. However, there is a loophole to this law as it covers local publishers, only. American or European publicists are able to depict Japanese nudes without censorship. The newest American website with hot naked Japanese pussy is called Gravure.com.
Gravure is a term used for a specific type of photography that involves females wearing lingerie, bikini or sexy uniforms. It’s a tease, similar to classic pin-up photography known from USA and United Kingdom. Gravure.com combines Japanese styles with American pin-up and European nude art ideas while using young Japanese amateurs who start out as adult models in Tokyo. All shots are created in sophisticated agency studios. Tokyo girls look great and the shots are explicit showing vulva, labia and vagina of all erotic models. All women are petite to slim, with natural boobs, minimal makeup and small bubble butts.

Japanese Pornsite: Gravure Dot Com

hard nipples

Swollen nipps on Japanese model Maria Ono. the sharpness is great,

Unlike Thai or Korean women Japanese amateurs and models are not too skinny. Obviously Japan models take great care of themselves and appear absolutely adorable to the beholder’s eyes. They would make very presentable Oriental girlfriends to managers and high-ranking officials. Possibly some of them will become famous actresses or fashion models sometime soon as they have looks and talent. One can just imagine how many Facebook friends such attractive female models may have. Well, Gravure is here to show them from their finest angles (and naked). Weekly schedules are in the pipeline. While it’s mainly a photography site, webmaster offers erotic videos of his models from time to time.

Konata Suzumiya

Setup of membership galleries are easy to navigate. Images may be downloaded as compressed .zip files or viewed inline with two different resolutions. Model: Konata Suzumiya.

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