Don’t worry, Gravure is not about graves or thumb stone inscripts. It’s a certain artsy type of erotic photography established in Japan. You could say it’s the Oriental version of nude art or fine art, but it does have a slightly different and more naughty appeal. Unlike fine art it’s not a display of light and shadow combined with the skill demonstration of a particular photographer. Gravure is more about the cuteness of Japanese models and their naughtily shy approach to nudity. Politeness plays a crucial factor for Japanese people models and producers.

gravure dot com

Studio nude with Tokyo model Aya Kisaki.

Full Review: Gravure.Com

Let’s move on to the actual site: Gravure dot com. It’s a production made in Tokyo with pictorials of adult video models (their slang for porn starlets), some of whom are total beginners while others are experienced and famous. Most sets are produced in well decorated studios. The majority of content are nude pictures with some mixed in videos. Very good quality with weekly updates.

sailor girl butt

Schoolgirl themes in sailor uniforms are often recruited erotic fantasies in Japan.

The most famous model of the site is Mana Aoki. One of her images from Gravure was pirated by a school book publisher in Thailand causing public outrage. That’s how famous Mana is in countries outside of Japan.

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