When you know how to attract sexy young chicks and have talent for making movies things like the creation of this website may happen. One guy dates the shit out of Manila, the capitals of the Philippines’ hottest party girls. He brings some girls together and opens a webcam studio where they spread their legs for cyber sex. Hiding behind the computer screen while observing their lusty online encounters with unknown customers the idea of a manila porn site is born. On the side he starts shooting movies and pictures with them. And that’s how Manila Hot Nights was created, exactly.

The same producer used to shoot and contribute content for another Filipino porn website: Trike Patrol. His content helped to bring that old-school back into top rankings for awhile until creative differences between the producer and publisher arose leading to him going his own way and establishing his own Manila sex tube. Yeah, the guy is crazy and calls himself “King Baliuw”. That means “Crazy King” or “King of Crazy” translated into English from Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. Let’s look at the action. For the Filipina niche it’s the best pov-shot porn available with high resolution and hot, naughty Manila chicks. The chicks talk dirty, what is relatively seldom for Asians of any kind. They must be whores or very uneducated women without any respect for anything other than cock eating and money counting. It’s raw and authentic sex with Filipinas that have made sex their assignment for life in the foreseeable future. It’s an addiction driving incredible sexual endurance. The scenes include point of view and tripod mounted scenes and are not as shaky as normal p.o.v. scenes from competing websites.

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Dream of a life time: punter with his hot Filipina mistresses

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Hot Manila Night is exciting smut from The Philippines. The experience is great, but the updates are somewhat. For people who want to explore good Filipino porn and quit after the they have seen the movies, it’s a perfect start. Guys who are looking for a daily fix, will exhaust the offers after two weeks. Of course one can always try to locate the female performers on Filipina Chat sites for a more intimate view of their masturbation techniques.

Homepage entrance: Hot Manila Nights Com

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Naughty camchat: Three Manila amateurs play with dildo during live sex show.

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