Filipina model

Keira Lee in her relaxed glam pose.

She’s a real glam model and she shows it damn vividly in her solo shoots. In fact, she’s got everything that a glam model can only need – thin frame, pretty big booty and tits, adorable face and a gorgeous mane of jet black hair reaching all the way down to her waist! If only you saw her covering her naked body with her hair as if wrapping herself into a light cover… She looks gorgeous when she does it. So, as you can see, she is worth taking a look at – now let’s move on and see if the same can be told about the insides of her site.

On the front page of the reviewed resource you can find the link to this sexy Filipina’s bio and read it but: It’s this site’s Members area that conceals the most pleasant things inside itself. The choice of content here is fairly decent – during her career, this Asian hottie has starred in 79 videos, 86 photo shoots, 9 non-nude scenes, 13 webcam videos (yeah, you can see her as well as other Asian hotties here at this site live weekly). Perhaps there were even more but this is what keiralee dot com can offer you at her site.

Keira Lee nude

Her dark skin and long hair are strong and unique features of recognition.

However, we can hardly say that the quality of content that the analyzed source supplies to her members is sky-high. Even though the 1200x780Px pics are okay and even though 720×540 at 2000Kbps videos are good enough to get the highest quality rating here at our site, I would still say that they are anything but perfect.

The situation with the updates at this site is good – couldn’t find anything disappointing or alarming, word. Oh well… Sure, the updating here could have been more frequent after all but, frankly speaking, judging from my own experience, I will say that weekly updates are not that much of a bad showing for a personal porn site of some model. Every week you will be getting one video or one photo shoot from the described website – model generosity, eh? Oh, hope you will also be glad to see that this beauty’s shoots are not always solo – you will often see her playing with other girls, predominantly with Asian ones. Once she even tried posing together with her own younger sister Tera Lee! Man, that was one hell of a good show.

In the meantime, Keira has decided to change her life and no longer maintains her solo website. She is not to be confused with the shaved Asian LSG Model with the same name.

Written by Richard Reader

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