Back in the days when Pee Asian went online for the first time, around 2002 or a year later, it was a huge sensation. Spiffy Asian chicks of fashion model beauty showed their twats while urinating in very explicit situations. Then there were very few quality Asian sites around. The site rocked up Sexcounter ratings and became very (in)famous. Little was known about the models’ identities. The publishers made people believe they were spiffy Chinese amateurs on their alternative route to become fashion models (you know, the kind of bullshit photographers and agents tell girls about the need to get famous and take off their panties first), but once tourists came back from Thailand with copies of various gentlemen’s magazines in their suitcase people started to spread the news: The pee babes of this site were well known actresses and models from Thailand.

office urination

After working overtime a Bangkok secretary pees in the office.

They later appeared on similar websites like HK Nude, Moonangel and Asians 4 You. Soon to be followed by Thai Cuties, The Black Alley and 88Square. None of them ever reached the raunchy and forbidden factor of Pee Asian. The site had many issues, though. The content was spread around for free and the publishers would do very little to stop the proliferation of their content. They were sitting in a glasshouse as pornography like that was illegal in the Thai Kingdom and they were afraid to give up their identities. Despite the great content image and video sizes were too small to attract paying members after 2008 and the paysite closed in 2011 for good. The images are still circulated for free on various image hosting sites such as this Pee Asian Blog.

Being close to nature makes pissing double fun. Thai pussy pees in the Kanchaburi jungle.

Written by Richard Reader

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