Aren’t dark skinned South East Asian women some of the most exotic princesses on the planet? The Black Alley website offers insights into some of the finest model from Thailand who are modelling for nudes. Since this country is very conservative it is rather difficult to find gorgeous models who are willing to take off their clothes for publications as locals frown upon them.

Probably, you have already seen amateur and bargirl pictorials online showing imsges of drunk, easy women of the night with attractive body specs but rather boring and worn out faces. The Black Alley is the opposite of that as it shows just the more beautiful and sophisticated Bangkok models. It’s more of an cougar site with models between 24 and 34 years of age – real women in their prime who are seeking to find a millionaire boyfriend with high potential. Many of them are exposing themselves for fame rather than money, something unusaul in South East Asian (the region is also referred to as ASEAN).

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Thai vagina

Top model Natalie and her spread wang bit

The shooting style is rather unique and involves Japanese techniques to make female skin look very soft and tender. It’s very professional and the model are gorgeous looking at the majority of them. Our favorite is Irene Fah who has modeled for many similar sites in the past. In general the site is rather soft and respectful but highly erotic and tasteful. For friends of exotic erotica nudes it’s worth a look or two.

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Anita Lee

Naked in Bangkok: Model Anita Lee in handcuffs

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