Remember the Tamagotchi planet? Maybe you also remember the meaning of the word “Ura” in Japanese? Its translation can be manyfold, but comes down to the reverse point between the surface and underground. Ura Lesbians could be defined as either top girl-girl action or an underground portal for Tokyo lesbians. Either way, it applies to what can be seen as representative for this rather new portal featuring Japanese adult idols engaging in girl-girl love making.

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The Japanese porn market is mostly centered around beautiful women called adult video idols who are obediently serving the sexual desires of men. They appear to be submissive at all times as they endure shame beyond believe. Watching Japanese women in lesbian porn is breaking with this long standing tradition as it seems different, totally. Ura Lesbians is putting the limelight on women who make love to other women and that is more than unusual in the land of the rising sun. Actually, it’s unusual in most of Asia. Just look at the lesbians scenes on Asian sex sites and it will be a more than easy discovery to observe they are mostly fakes that won’t go down to business. Most Thais and Filipinas will just pretend to be having an affair with another women, but you will not see their tongues burried into another woman’s vagina. They will just tease and pretend unless they are drunk prostitutes or swingers. Now, that’s different with Ura Lesbian. The Japanese women do really go down on each other and it’s conclusively more natural than most other Japanese porn. The girls seem to like it a lot. Since there is neither script nor any expectation of obedience to be fulfilled they act on their own sexual instincts. Flawless!

Nude Japanese Gravure

Yurikawa Sara and Kasugano Yui enjoy their girl-girl poses while wearing nothing but silver heels.

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