Justine Joli has been a favorite redhead for many years. With all the sites she’s done work for and adult movies she’s appeared in, it is probably safe to say she has alot of fans. Justine’s personal website was relatively short lived despite being pretty well stocked in both the photo and video sections with frequent updates. This beautiful redhead may be particularly well known for her softcore glamour work and soft- and hardcore lesbian videos, but on her own site she also presented plenty of amateur and behind the scenes photosets and videos with Justine and a number of her girlfriends. However, she has opted to close her personal site in favour of selling video clips over clipsfor sale store.

Justene Joli

Very seductive redhead.

Biography: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justine_Joli

Primary Category: Individuals
Secondary Categories: Babes, Photography
Additional Keywords: Glamour, fetish and artistic photography,
Lesbian, amateur, behind the scenes
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Justine’s site went through a few design makeovers over the years and went offline in lieu of her clip store as she retired from adult and open a bakery store. Here is a mockup of her old site from 2008:

Unlike most other solo girl sites, it’s very much my impression that Justine Joli’s site is mainly if not solely run and likely even partially designed by Justine herself – she is a self professed geek afterall.

Basically she started over with a site that’s now based on a blog system – and the good thing is that Justine now writes quite a lot on that blog (personal interaction is always great with these sites, but something that’s often lacking) as well as responds to some of the comments written by visitors and members. The not so great thing is that the “starting over” process pretty much meant that all the old photo and video content was removed and it has since (among other sets and videos) been partially readded with her blog posts, but at the time of writing the total collection is still substantially smaller than the 180 photosets and 81 videos the site had during my last visit.

“With Justine having done so much work both for other sites (the bondage sites mentioned further up for instance, and a number of video and photo appearences at a site like Danni.com) as well as for the DVD market, serious fans will probably feel the need to shop around on other sites or adult DVD shelves if they want Justine Joli’s best sex scenes. As it is, the main strenghts of this site is that it covers the personal aspects and behind the scenes stuff you don’t usually get to see.”

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The “personal aspects” part applies more than ever with the new blogging style of Justine’s site, and the current photo and video collection is growing steadily (even if still smaller than it once was), so basically this site is very much worth a look for fans. Since mentioning that “serious fans will feel the need to shop around for Justine’s best sex scenes”. In 2006 Justine has really been hitting the DVD market with her always extremely hot lesbian videos, and the huge pay-per-view site AEBN has been adding a lot of those mvoies lately – here is a direct link to Justine Joli’s movie page at AEBN.

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