Luna is very beautiful: her voluptuous body is amazing, especially her perfect tits. She shows an impressive collection of pictorial and videos, especially considering Luna’s Cam has been online since 2005. With 56 videos and 138 photosets, Luna’s Cam is already pretty large for an amateur site that’s only been up around a year, and fortunately they have gone the route of high quality, with a much higher than average resolution on anything but the oldest videos and photo sets. A lot of especially the latest half of the photo content also looks great in terms of lighting, setting etc., making it appear more like pro glamour photography than the bland and washed out home snapshots you find on some amateur sites. If you expect personal interaction from an amateur model site you’ll be happy to know Luna shows up three times a week for live shows/chat, and she frequently updates her diary as well, often with some pretty long posts.

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High technical quality on anything but the oldest picture sets and videos. Photo resolution is a large approx. 1000×1600 pixels (with a lower option shown as default), and most of the videos are in full DVD resolution at 720×480, and a high 1600 kbit bitrate. Most of the photo content looks great and varied in terms of setting, lighting etc. Nice clean site interface, and pretty good navigation features in the photo sections, including slideshow features. No options to download photo sets in zip files unfortunately, but at least these browsing features make it less of a hassle to view the sets online than the clunky systems you find on some sites. Two scheduled live cam chats every week (I didn’t manage to catch any of them unfortunately), and a frequently updated diary that proves Luna isn’t exactly short on words. There’s a pretty active comments section for each diary update as well, where Luna responds to questions (and praise) from members. You can find a fair amount of bonus photos in her diary.


Sexy Latina babe Luna lets her undies fly

The content on Luna’s Cam is very soft in nature. No guy/girl action and we rarely see Luna spread her legs. Forget about semi-hardcore masturbation with toys, and no hot girlfriends over for a bit of lesbian fun either. Nude posing is what you get, but when you look like Luna I guess that might be enough. The oldest videos and photo sets do not look too good in terms of quality. Fortunately we’re only talking about 15% or so of the content here. The videos are pretty short, typically 2-5 minutes, but given that it’s really just softcore posing and the occasional hint of masturbation (several of the videos shot during photo sessions). The typical 15-25 minute videos you find at most sites would have been stretching it a bit too far here. Perhaps a tad expensive. 30 bucks a month may be the norm, but it’s not uncommon for solo model sites to be five or even ten dollars cheaper, or at least rebill at a reduced price.

In 2015 – after 10 years – Luna’s Cam gave up.
You may still reach the domain here:

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