Sweet Sophie Moone has only been online for six months but it’s already grown to a pretty decent size. The content is as you would expect from this Eurobabe – a load of incredibly hot lesbian and solo sex where no holes are spared the attention of fingers, tongues and (large) toys, and in the lesbian scenes she’s joined by a slew of other gorgeous Eurobabes like Eve Angel, Sandy and Sandra Shine. The technical quality of the content is up to the usual standards from 21Sextury, meaning exceptionally sharp high resolution photos and videos that are slightly less impressive but nevertheless still look pretty damn good. Sweet Sophie Moone is clearly glamour style girl/girl porn, lacking a bit of the personal touch you get from an amateur site, but with this beautiful Hungarian blonde as the main attraction that’s hardly an issue.

Sophie Moone pussy

Prime rear pussy of Hungarian pornstar Sophie Moone

As mentioned in the latest updates to the 21Sextury Network review, Sophie returned to modeling earlier this year after a 14 months break. Sweet Sophie Moone started weekly updates in mid June, and combined with several updates at a few other network sites (most notably Club Sandy), there are now five new solo scenes and six new lesbian scenes (where Sophie has fun with girls like Blue Angel, Zafira and Brandy Smile) available – all in 1080p HD. Additionally you can also find several behind the scenes videos plus a very long video interview with Sophie.

A new and heavily improved unified member area for the entire 21Sextury Network has just been implemented. Rather than repeat the details in all the individual 21Sextury site reviews, I refer you to today’s update of the main network review instead, where you can also find a batch of screenshots of the new member area. Note that for the time being at least, you will need to log in through the new main hub site (direct site link) to access the new interface, as the old ones remain in place if you log in to one of the individual sites instead. It doesn’t matter which network site you join through, you username and password will of course work for the new hub site as well.

I haven’t added any points to the navigation/design score for these individual network reviews, but that’s mostly just because I’m a bit lazy and can’t be bothered to change the numbers on a whole slew of category and assorted other pages. On the other hand, aside front the interface improvements, the video download and streaming options are now really also so plentiful that a maxed score in that category is justified, which means we would in theory be looking at 100/100 scores today for not just the main network review but also three of the individual network sites, Club Sandy, Pix & Video and Asshole Fever, and as fantastic as those three sites are, that score probably still seems slightly excessive – even with a scoring system I’ve already admitted several times over the years turned out a bit flawed and too top heavy. So in that light the current total scores for the various 21Sextury site reviews still look fairly reasonable, even if a few of the sub scores aren’t perhaps entirely what I feel they ought to be. As mentioned in my update below, Sophie retired from modelling a year ago, and that means that Sweet Sophie Moone unfortunately never got any HD video content after the rest of the exclusive content sites in the network switched to that a few months earlier, but obviously that doesn’t make all the great content here – now integrated in the new site interface – any less enjoyable.

I guess I was a bit too optimistic last Summer when I said that Sophie Moone didn’t really seem like a girl planning to retire in the near future. I’m sad to say that in a diary post on her site in January, Sophie Moone announced her retirement after almost ten years as a model. Though I can certainly understand the urge to try something new after a long and successful run like that, I’ll allow myself to be a bit selfish here and hope that she regrets that decision and at least comes back to do the occasional new video for eg. Club Sandy or Viv Thomas Video, but it’s probably safe to assume that the update on December 26 was unfortunately the last we saw on this her official site. Considering the amount of content already here though (very impressive for an individual model site where the star is featured in each and every video and photoset) – not to mention the rest of the huge 21Sextury Network (which includes a substantial number of Sophie videos and photosets at Club Sandy and Pix & Video) – Sweet Sophie Moone is obviously still well worth either joining directly or just visiting as part of the network if you’ve gotten access through another 21Sextury site.

Update, June 21 2008

Just a brief review update (although as usual it probably won’t end up all that brief afterall) as I just received access to Sweet Sophie Moone through the bonus program that comes with all the 21Sextury sites these days (well, actually I still have a few months to go until I get there with my current Club Sandy and Pix & Video membership, but I got access immediately through one of their new sites I decided to try out).

Like her friend Sandy, the gorgeous Sophie Moone doesn’t really seem to be harboring any plans of retiring in the near future – fortunately, as after eight years in the adult business, she’s still one of my favourite Eurobabes, and as beautiful and sexy as she was when she started as a 19 year old model. Sophie’s official site has been growing steadily since my second look over a year and a half ago, and while we aren’t talking daily updates and several hundred other girls like the “megasite with hostess” approach of Club Sandy, Sweet Sophie Moone is now pretty damn large for a solo girl site, up from 135 videos and photosets during my last visit to no less than 277 today. As before Sweet Sophie Moone offers a very nice mix of solo masturbation, hot lesbian sex with Sophie joined mostly by other popular East European babes and finally for the “personal aspect”, lots of backstage and candid content with plenty of commentary from Sophie, rather than just passive footage – and additionally you get surprisingly frequent diary updates, usually every few days.

The final thing I’ll mention is that – as on the other 21Sextury sites – the videos at Sweet Sophie Moone received a slight but still noticable quality boost last year, and while they are still far from the best on offer out there these days, these videos nevertheless look pretty good even in fullscreen mode on my 22″ monitor (and the new sites I mentioned in my first paragraph – some pretty extreme BDSM sites, one lesbian, one guy/girl, reviews probably coming at a later date when they’ve had time to grow – feature full 720p HD video, and it’s indicated that this might be implemented across other 21Sextury sites over time, along with redesigned site interfaces).

2nd look, October 16 2006

Sophie Moone’s official site has grown quite nicely since my original visit in April – the total number of videos and photosets has gone from 78 to a very impressive 135, and the update schedule seems to follow a pattern of two updates two days in a row followed by a 5-6 days break before the next two. The content is still a nice mix of solo masturbation and lesbian scenes with other babes (often threesomes), including girls like Eve Angel, Jo and Nella. For those of you (or should I say us) that would like to see Sophie at least get in the vicinity of a cock, a few of the recent scenes are threesome with Sophie, another girl and a guy, and while Sophie isn’t quite prepared to pull a “grap the cock” move like her fellow blonde Hungarian babe Sandy does once in a while, she’s at least more than willing to go to work on whatever end of the other girl isn’t occupied by an erect cock. One of the interesting things that helps set Sophie Moone’s site apart from other individual model sites (well, aside from the obvious fact that she’s so insanely beautiful) is the backstage videos they had begun adding to the latest scenes during my last visit, and fortunately they’ve kept that up for just about all the lesbian videos (and the couple of guy/girl/girl scenes mentioned above) as well as added several solo videos with Sophie of a slightly more personal and less rehersed nature than the regular masturbation videos.

Original Sophie Moone Review

The lovely Sophie Moone has starred in over 50 videos and photosets at Club Sandy and Pix & Video since 2003 and has been sitting on their joint model top 10 for as long as I can remember (whether it’s because she’s so damn hot or because their rating system is borked I can’t really say), so I guess it was about time they gave her a site of her own. At Sweet Sophie Moone as the site is called (there’s actually an older site at sophiemoone.com as well, from another company, but Sweet Sophie Moone is now billed as her “Official Homepage”), the beautiful blonde Hungarian babe continues what has made her so popular at Club Sandy and other sites – smoking hot lesbian and solo sex, with or without a nice assortment of dildos and other toys.

Sweet Sophie Moone borrows its basic underlying design and update schedule from the other recent sites from 21Sextury (Lez Cuties and Asshole Fever among others), and that’s generally a good thing as the former makes the site a delight to browse and the latter ensures relatively frequent updates (roughly two or three full videos and photosets a week, rolled out with daily partial sets). At the time of writing there are 78 videos (15-30 minutes each), most of them with accompanying photosets (100-200 per set). That number includes the backstage videos they have started adding for all the lesbian videos the last few months – a great idea as they are both hot, interesting and often pretty funny.

The actual videos and photosets is the usual highly professional glamour style you always get from 21Sextury, and they definately know how to make that look good with everything from setting and lighting to makeup and various sexy outfits being top notch. In the solo videos Sophie is usually masturbating with fingers or toys, and fortunately this lady has never been a stranger to big dildos – including occasionally shoving a sizable rubber dong deep into her hot little ass. In the lesbian videos she has so far been joined by over 30 other beautiful Eurobabes, including Anetta Keys, Eve Angel, Peaches, Zafira, Sandra Shine, Tiffany Diamond and Sandy, and obviously there’s no shortage of hot finger, tongue and toy play here either. And as mentioned, the backstage footage from the recent lesbian videos provide great entertainment as well and a nice little look into what goes during the preparations and filming of a scene. Aside from the main video and photo content Sweet Sophie Moone also features a diary that Sophie seems to update quite frequently – often with amateur photos of herself from various locations, ranging from photoshoot preparations to airports and sunbathing at the beach.

The technical quality of the content is pretty much an exact match to the other recent sites from 21Sextury, meaning the photos look exceptional and are in an impressive 1280 pixel resolution, while the videos look pretty good in either 512×384 or 400×300, both with a fairly high bitrate (estimated at 1000+, I can’t get the exact number due to the way these videos are compressed in the mpeg format) that more or less makes up for the somewhat low resolutions. All in all Sweet Sophie Moone turned out to be a pretty good site. Decent amount of content – especially considering it’s only been online for six months – and especially the recent backstage videos give the site a personal touch that can otherwise feel a bit lacking with sites heavy on glamour and very light on amateur.

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