World wide wives has been running since 1999 steadily building up a massive collection of “readers wives” photos. At the time of writing there were over 1.2 million pictures and hundreds of short video clips all posted by members. The appeal of a site like this is that each photo is of a “real” woman that you might pass on the street. They do it for fun ( or because their partner persuaded them) and many get as much pleasure out of knowing you are looking at them have sex as they do actually fucking! There is also a lot of play acting and posing for the camera.

The site is organized by date or by profile and there are numerous updates every day. Each update has a very brief description and a link through to the photo set/video.

tanline cougar

Wife that erotic dreams are derived from

Most sets are quite short with less than 10 pictures but the site does provide a search facility so you can find other sets by the same wife. You can also access the site using profiles. For each member there is as much information as they wish to expose from normal physical details, thorough general interests to sexual preferences. Many also say where they live and if they have enabled it they can be contacted through email or the chat room. and There is also a voting system so that the hottest women get listed as the wife of the month. Whilst you can get related shoots you cant search the site for your particular kink. The profile system makes it much easier to find stuff posted by the hot wife you fancy and is much better than the old system where you had to grope your way through the ca lender style menus to find the meat. The old system is still there though. This is good and bad. Often you just get fairly average stuff but occasionally you stumble on a really hot milf and its all worth the search – especially as its easy to get to all her shoots. Downloading pics is fast but can only be done one at a time which would be painful if you found 1000’s you want to keep.

Doing the softcore version of this got me so wet and horny that I just had to get something harder between my legs. As I started riding my favourite dildo and soon realised… hey I’ve got a cameraman with a hard-on! Not wanting to waste feeling his hot cum in my mouth I sucked and licked until he exploded in my mouth. Don’t worry I didnt miss that bit on my chin… I drank every drop! Keep voting, keep mailing and stay horny! AND DONT FORGET MY VID! Luv Boobtastic xxx

The site is split into seven main sections -home- which has a limited selection taster, +plus which has the better quality softcore pictures, hardcore – which has hardcore pictures!. .tv – which has videos, shots -groups of similar themed photos – eg girl/girl, profiles – searchable profiles of every member and willies (that’s british for pricks) – which has solo blokes for you bored housewives. Sexy Smooth Shy wife…. “I am soaking wet just knowing you are looking at my pictures and I hope you are hard or soaking wet also ” The videos are all amateur and suffer from all the mistakes amateurs make with lighting, being too far away and too small. Some of the videos are voyeur material but most are proud partners showing off their wives/girlfriends. There is a real mixture of hard and soft porn and generally the amateurs are better at the soft stuff – maybe they find it too hard to concentrate when doing action scenes 🙂

Also provided is a member’s chatroom. This is an excellent facility and lets you chat to the randy housewife whose picture you really fancy. As these are not girls paid to be nice to you, sometimes you might find your wilder suggestions meet with a short sharp response – but that’s real life – right!
Click to view fullsize screenshot (may take a few seconds to load). A lot of the members and their material are based in the UK (but there is a growing international membership). Its amazing what a tiny island with 60 million people gets up to. Must be the overcrowding or the weather is too crap to get out much (BTW we love it really – if it was just a bit warmer it would really be Great).

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Written by Richard Reader

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