Flashy Babes has some excellent high definition video and photos of pretty hot babes from all over the world. The site design is good, there is a reasonable amount of content and its all well presented. BUT – and its a big but for most of you – this is truly very soft porn. Many of the shoots are nudes modestly cloaked by hands, grapes or other strategically placed objects. Each model is rated from “sweetie” – you might get a bare breast – to “on fire” – you might get a full nude shot and the occasional toy. Frankly we have seen more nudity in our national newspapers. Although there are plenty of photos many are very similar which is a bit disappointing. Everything can be downloaded but sometimes the download speed is a bit slow.


Flashybabes is our latest jewel in a vast array of already successful projects.It is a genuine celebration of feminine beauty!

Flashy Babes has some very nice looking semi naked babes but it has the lowest hardcore rating of anything we list so only if you like squeaky clean “porn” is this for you.

Homepage entry: www.flashybabes.com


Written by Richard Reader

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