Grigori Galitsin is a famous Russian erotic photographer and the vast majority of the work on this site is his. Professionally the quality is excellent and the site is well laid out. You get lots of Russian girls in their late teens, mostly nude or semi nude. There is also a little lesbian activity. Its erotic in an arty sort of way but its barely real porn. Personally I found there are too many photos of solo Russian wives and not enough really hot women but hey each to their own.

The site navigation is good but the design opens up windows all over the place and after any reasonable session you will have a huge list of open windows. Galitsin news is very professionally shot, original and very unique. If you like erotic, Russian amateur waifs you’ve found nirvana – for red blooded studs don’t bother.

Galitsin news was closed in 2009.

Written by Richard Reader

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