I Shot Myself is a totally unique site offering anybody – preferably young, sexy and female – the chance to showcase a folio of themselves for 24 hours. Each day you get a new showcase and of course all the old ones are archived for your pleasure.

For some women, contributing to ISM is purely a creative endeavour, for others its a cathartic release of a lifetime of inhibition or maybe just an opportunity to be a hot net porn star for a day!

Some folios are sexy, some erotic, some arty, some crude and some X rated porn but these are rare. The uniqueness of the photos comes about because they are shot by the artiste themselves and the camera angles are all very different. There are many delectable very close up pussy shots and other unusual views. At the time of writing there were over 120000 photos and rapidly growing. As well as photos there are a couple of hundred short videos. These are more fun than serious video and often have public nudity shoots.
I Shot Myself is a well designed, feature rich site with lots of superb highly original photos. What’s more, membership is cheap including a full lifetime deal for $500. We highly recommend you take a look.

Home: www.ishotmyself.com


Sample image from a large collection of high quality selfshots.

Written by Richard Reader

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