Urban American cuties of the finest colours and shapes are the stars of Rookie Babe, a signature site for all American amateurs with excellent shapes and figures. Motel room nudes and homey apartment settings build the core of Rookie babes pictorials. For some reason many shots are done near door frames what lends more charme to this idea of exposing some of the finest American newcomer talents to the worldwide web circus of amateur nudes.
The models on Rookie Babe are not your regular unemployed Latina immigrants known from the many hard smut sites down in Miami and Los Angeles. They are more of the kind of chicks you find at the college campus or in upscale coffee shops around the better parts of the States. They all have beautiful faces and look rather innocent out of their big eyed faces.

Rooftop strip

Redhead Brooke pulls down her panty to reveal her perfectly drawn landing strip.

The site went offline just after finishing our Rookie Babe review for publication. It could be considered the naive counterpart of the European Naked By website. Maybe that’s a point where potential fans could continue their prawl for adorably beautiful naked bodies.

door nude

Model Aisling near the motel rooms exit door.

Written by Richard Reader

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