Pretty babes from Thailand, Costa Rica, Russia and Czech Republic are the main contenders for the ranks on this nude photography portal. A typical setup for lovers of highend strippers in budget travel countries. Yes, the models here are mostly strippers, escorts and freelance erotic models who live the easy life just like the photographer who is selecting and shooting the talent. The chicks are good looking and well styled with professional make-up. The equipment used for the shoots includes a highend Canon EOS 5D Mark III, one of the best semi-professional digital cameras on the market. The pictorials are somewhat short of being great. They older sets are rather limited in number of items and lack focus. Newer sets look much better, mostly those with pro Czech models.

hot latina nude

Model Mia shows her lusty Latina body.

Updates are pretty slow. About one new item per month or two is just insufficient to keep members happy. The best part about it, at this time the site is free when you know how to copy and paste image urls and think of the next number in the set. Obviously, the site is broken or not well managed. Having said that, things might change. With more updates of their hot chicks they may well be worth shelling out a few bucks per month for a taste of exotic pussy.

exotic women

Cover style updates similar to other niche leaders.

One of their hottest models is Xanny Disjad from Thailand. The spiffy topless model was cought by the producers early in her career when she started looking for model jobs over freelance platforms such as Model Mayhem.

Visit The Girls of WOW:

The website is not to be mistaken with Women of The World that we have reviewed, previously.

Written by Richard Reader

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