Another huge collection of exclusive mostly solo photosets with around 500 beautiful ladies from around the world (although the site, like many others reviewed, seem to lean quite heavily towards Eastern Europe. Nothing to complain about). While most of the photosets at Ebina Models are leaning towards softcore posing or a bit of toy play, you do get a couple of hundred sets with hot lesbian action and the same with hardcore guy/girl (which, for the collectors among you, includes four sets with the beautiful Anetta Keys from before she went solo and girl/girl only early in her career). While the photo content is by far the main attraction at Ebina Models, they do have a pretty nice collection of videos as well, covering the same themes. I’m not sure whether they are exclusive like the photo content or if they are bought/licensed from other sites though, a few of them looks pretty familiar. The site interface is both attractive and very user friendly with a full model index as well as quick drop down menus for those same models as well as content category (and you can do cross searches on the two). There are around 25 categories covering things such as nationality, solo/lesbian/hardcore, hair color, clothing etc. Check the cons for a few complaints on other areas of the site design though. A new set added every day. I’m a little uncertain about video updates, but it looks like it might be about one a week. The photo sets look great, some looking mostly like the work of a glamour pro while others look a bit more like what you would expect on a (good) amateur site. Photos look sharp, not loosing quality from too heavy compression, and the resolution appears to range from 1000 to 1400 pixels on most if not all of them. Not all the latest sets are necessarily in the 1400 px format though (usually you expect the most recent content to look best), which is a bit of a shame. Overall there are very few things to complain about here though.

One of the first Ebina Models: Marketa Belanoha.

The video quality isn’t anywhere near up to the high standards of the photo content. Even the ones with filenames containing “HQ” are only around 352×288, 700 kbit, and the rest are even worse at 320×240, 400 kbit. As indicated above though, if you join Ebina Models it should be for the plentiful and very photo content, the videos are merely a welcome bonus. As a result the photo quality has a significantly higher impact on the quality score than the videos. A site this heavy on photo content would really benefit from offering sets in downloadable zip files. Unfortunately you don’t get that here, and to make matters worse, browsing the image galleries isn’t as easy as it should be as the preview pics are very small and cropped to a square format. There’s no slideshow option either at Ebina Models (something a fair number of photo heavy sites are offering these days), there’s not even an option to flip to the next/previous image as each one opens on a blank page in a new window. You’ll have to open each of them directly from the gallery pages. While these are relatively serious points of criticism on a site like this (particulary when you take into account how great it is in most other areas), they are still relatively minor annoyances. They make things a bit more difficult and cumbersome than they ought to be, but they aren’t in any way a deal breaker if you find the site interesting. Too bad, but Ebina went offline. Sorry, folks.

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