Over the last ten years Danni Ashe has invited all the hottest softcore and hardcore names in the adult busines to participate in a truck load of softcore and light hardcore solo and lesbian photo sessions, videos, live events and intimate video interviews. An excellent and hugely impressive site.

n my previous review update I wrote something about a promised complete member area makeover at Danni.com – well, it finally happened a few months back, and the fairly sweeping design changes have indeed made the huge site a bit more user friendly and easier to navigate, not to mention better looking and less cramped. Aside from the navigation enhancements and general layout improvements, it’s also worth mentioning the new features in photo galleries (if you don’t simply choose to download them in zip files). The video sections already got a boost a year ago with the integrated Flash player, and now the photo section has gotten some love as well with a slideshow option, and, something I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else, a seamless zoom in/out feature that can actually go in for an ultra closeup beyond the full size of the image (all the way to and beyond the point where everything turns pixilated and ugly), and out again to smaller than stamp sized. I won’t say much about the site and its content in this update – all that should be adequately covered in the original review and the previous updates, so let’s just stick to saying that Danni.com still appears to be going strong with daily updates and lots of beautiful babes, both new girls and frequent returns of member favorites.

naked Danni Ashe

Finally a comment leaning towards a con. I generally don’t mark down scores on updates (unless a site has taken a major turn for the worse in one or several areas), but if I had to be fair here, it’s worth pointing out that the video quality, while still pretty good on content from the last couple of years, wouldn’t be worth a 20/20 score if I were reviewing the site today. Less than HD or DVD quality can still get the job done though, so don’t let middle-of-the-road video quality steer you away from this excellent site unless you’re specifically hunting for those newfangled widescreen HD videos a (comparatively) few sites are now offering. Oh, and as a recurring joke (or at least that’s what I’m starting to think it is), they’ve once again shuffled the membership types and prices at Danni.com. They are back to what I seem to recall being the simplest selection – one type only (which they still call VIP), available as monthly, quarterly or annual membership, with discounts on the last two.

Update: April 2007:
A few changes since my last update. First the most important – every last trace of DRM protection on the videos should be gone now, they even have a big announcement in the member area saying “We recently removed Digital Rights Management (DRM) from 14,630 of our videos and replaced them with plain Windows Media files…” (yep, that’s a whole lot of video files, but I imagine that includes all versions of each video, I’m still pretty sure they “only” have a few thousand actual videos at Danni’s). In any case, this means no more annoying and constant login request from Windows Media player (and no DRM means that you aren’t even forced to use that particular player anymore either if you prefer another one), and also that you can keep and play the videos even if you no longer have an active membership – just like the case appears to be with 99 out of 100 other porn sites.

The second change is that they apperantly can’t quite decide what the want to charge for the membership at Danni’s, so at least for now it looks like the one type $24.95 membership has been replaced with the old Premium and VIP memberships, priced at $19.95 and $29.95 a month respectively. The former only includes the low quality 300 kbit wmv version of all the videos (as well as the Flash stream and QuickTime downloads), while the VIP membership gives you the 700 and 1000 kbit wmv versions as well. You can also join for three months at a time and get the VIP membership for $19.95 a month that way. Finally I think it might be worth mentioning that a more or less complete redesign of the member areas is promised to come within the next few months. A direct quote again “this spring we are re-doing the whole members area from the ground up- new designs, new code, new features, and more interativity”. Once I’ve seen it I’ll decide if it’s worth another review update, but probably not. The actual content on the site is the most important thing after all.

Update: January 2007:
It looks like they might be in the process of getting rid of the DRM protection system they use on the videos at Danni.com, or at least offer alternatives. While Windows Media Player still prompts me for my login info when playing a new downloaded video, the lowest quality 300 kbit video option for recent video additions is now available in a downloadable QuickTime format (not DRM protected), and while I’m still not a really big fan of streaming videos (though I don’t hate them nearly as much anymore as I used to, in fact I find myself using them more and more as a quick alternative to downloads on many sites, if I don’t feel I need the highest quality version of a video), the videos at Danni.com are now not only available for streaming in 300 and 700 kbit wmv format, but also with one of those nifty new integrated Flash players you see used here, there and everywhere lately (with mainstream video sites YouTube and Google Video as two well known examples). It’s fast, efficient and it autodetects the quality your connection can handle (or so it says it least, I’m only on a 1 Mbit connection, which still has its limits when it comes to streaming, so I can’t say how much better the quality might be on eg. a 2 or 4+ Mbit line). Overall some pretty nice and useful improvements to the site.

November 2006:
I got a note a few weeks ago saying that Danni.com had been bought by Penthouse, and while nothing about the site is supposed to change because of this pretty prominent owner switch, I figured it was as good as reason as any to take another look at this incredibly impressive site. I used to have a recurring membership for several months, but since it’s safe to say I have had my hands full with many different sites this year, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been inside Danni.com.

Well, here I am again, faced with a site that not surprisingly looks much the same but has more content than ever. In fact, with the constant addition of new photosets, new videos, new special video features, interviews etc., archived live shows, a steadily growing model roster (more than 1,500 girls now) and so on and so forth, so much is new since my original review that I’ve obviously only been able to sample a tiny portion of it since I rejoined the other day. Going through it all, just the new stuff, would probably take me a few months.

So content overload then? Yep, but most of us can probably agree that having something to choose from is rarely a bad thing, and you certainly get that in spades here. As the nature of the content, including live shows and the like, doesn’t really appear to have changed much in the way it’s presented, there’s probably no point in repeating what I wrote in my original review. A few other things are worth mentioning though. One is, as far as I’ve been able to see, a shift towards overall slightly more hardcore content. Don’t worry, it’s still girls only – I doubt cocks will ever be allowed on this site – but there seems to be slighty more use of toys in both lesbian and solo videos and photosets. That includes anal dildo action and even the occasional dildo double penetration. That’s not to say you’ll see this change in anywhere near all the new content though. Still, I’ve moved the overall and especially the maximum bar on the “hardcore meters” a few notches to the right.

Another thing that’s changed for the better (well, I guess it’s up to you whether you like the slight change towards hardcore) is the confusing membership system with regular, VIP, premium and assorted other membership types that would give you access to different video qualities at different prices. They got rid of that mess and you get the full package with just a single type of membership (although there are discounts to be had if you pick a three month or one year option).

Danni.com can celebrate its ten year anniversary this year, and it easily remains one of the largest and hottest softcore/semi-hardcore babe sites. And it still has the edge on some of the other amazing sites I’ve reviewed of a similar nature, as they shoot all their own content and throws in all those special features like long video interviews, multipart live shows and other things that deviate a bit from the regular old video/photoset approach. I have added one point to the entertainment value score – a point they probably already deserved when I did the original review, although with such a vast collection there’s obviously also going to be a fair amount of pretty bland content in there, fortunately heavily outweighed by the great stuff in my opinion.

Original review:
Danni.com is the Internet home of Danni Ashe, a highly popular nude model and stripper in the nineties turned succesful business woman and still going strong with some very beautiful photosets and videos on her own site.
The site, which first went live back in 1995, is not really so much about Danni herself though – although fans will find plenty to love, as it is about the more than 1,300 stunning top class nude models and soft- and hardcore pornstars that make up the vast majority of the site with litterally tens of thousands of high quality photos and several thousand hours (yep, you read that right) of video. As the claim on the fairly recently redesigned and great looking site tour says: “The exclusive source for the world’s most beautiful women since 1995!”.

Being a “girls only” site (well, us boys are fortunately allowed in to watch) featuring softcore and light hardcore (toy insertions, strapons etc.) solo girl and lesbian action, Danni.com is not the place you go to when you want to see girls getting their brains fucked out – but when some of the frequently returning models are named Aria Giovanni, Erica Campbell, Jelena Jensen, Jamie Lynn, Penny Flame, Monique Alexander and Taylor St. Claire that suddenly seems a lot less important. What you get at Danni.com are the absolutely most beautiful models in the adult business.

Obviously most of the models featured at Danni.com make appearances on many other sites, a good number of them even stars in hardcore porn movies, but what makes Danni.com stand out aside from the sheer quantity of videos and photos, is that all the content is shot exclusively for this site in their own studios – no recycled generic content here you have seen a hundred times before. One of the most popular features at Danni.com is the weekly video interview “In Bed With Danni” where Danni herself or one of the returning girls do a half hour intimate interview with one of the other girls – both naked and playful of course.

Also returning weekly are the feature shows where one or more models star in a little 20 minute movie with a not so important storyline (in most cases though obviously still given some thought and set in just the right localities), but some usually very hot solo or lesbian action – soft- or light hardcore. You will also find a weekly live show – which has actually turned into a full three hour live “event” with the In Bed With Danni show, live strip, photo session and a full solo or girl/girl show – as well as “e-zines”, “naked joke of the week”, video portraits (a new feature) and daily updates with either photo or video content. If you absolutely cannot live without a good dose of hardcore porn, you also get the added bonus of access to several video feeds delivered by the large and well known porn studio Vivid.

Photosets at Danni.com are of a very high quality with pictures available in two sizes (the largest around 650×1000), easily downloaded in a single zip file if you prefer that over browsing them individually. All videos (including everything in their archives – recorded live events as well, dating back to 1995) are available in multiple qualities (read the Notes box in the Site Info sheet for information about what is included with the different membership types). Video quality has also gotten a boost lately with the best quality now being a crystal clear 640×480 with a 1150 kbit bitrate. The last few weeks Danni.com has also released a couple of videos of extremely high quality – 720×480, 10,000 kbit (approaching the standards of HDTV), and I imagine this is a glimpse of what is to come in the not too distant future.

I have been a long time member of Danni.com myself, and even though I have quit a couple of times in periods where I found the content a bit too softcore, I just keep coming back. The models and the vast amounts of exclusive content is just a package too good to pass up for anyone who enjoys seeing the world’s most beautiful nude models and pornstars up close and personal. Even a well deserved glowing review ought to point out the flaws, so to avoid loosing all credibility I better make sure that happens. DRM protection: You will be prompted for a valid password when you watch the videos (every few days anyway), meaning that when you cancel your membership you will no longer be able to watch them. Permanent DRM licenses can be purchased for all videos for a few dollars each, and if you opt for the discounted 3 month VIP membership, permanent licenses are included. Any other things to point out? Nothing negative really springs to mind. As mentioned I have occasionally wished the action was a bit more hardcore, but since that is not the aim of the site you can hardly blame it for that.

The place to visit Danni.com

Written by Richard Reader

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