Justine Joli is everybody’s favorite redhead for years. With all the sites she’s done work for and DVDs she’s appeared on, it’s probably safe to say she’s got many fans, worldwide. Justine’s site is pretty well stocked in both the photo and video sections and updates are frequent. This beautiful redhead may be particularly well known for her softcore glamour work and soft- and hardcore lesbian videos, but on her own site you also get plenty of amateur and behind the scenes photo sets and videos with Justine and a number of her girlfriends. A visit is definitely recommended for all Justine Joli fans.

Justine’s site went through a few design makeovers late last year and early this year, and what it ended up with was something that, in my opinion, wasn’t quite satisfying on all fronts but a step in the right direction on some. Unlike most other solo girl sites, it’s very much my impression that Justine Joli’s site is mainly if not solely (minus the billing and support thing) run and likely even partially designed by Justine herself – she is a self professed geek afterall (check out the header of her site). Basically she started over with a site that’s now based on a blog system – and the good thing is that Justine now writes quite a lot on that blog (personal interaction is always great with these sites, but something that’s often lacking) as well as responds to some of the comments written by visitors and members. The not so great thing is that the “starting over” process pretty much meant that all the old photo and video content was removed and it has since (among other sets and videos) been partially readded with her blog posts, but at the time of writing the total collection is still substantially smaller than the 180 photosets and 81 videos the site had during my last visit.

So overall then? Well, I think I’ll quote the last paragraph from my original review (just in case some of my readers should be too lazy to scroll down and find it yourself – you never know), as I feel that still very much applies. “With Justine having done so much work both for other sites (the bondage sites mentioned further up for instance, and a number of video and photo appearences at a site like Danni.com) as well as for the DVD market, serious fans will probably feel the need to shop around on other sites or adult DVD shelves if they want Justine Joli’s best sex scenes. As it is, the main strenghts of this site is that it covers the personal aspects and behind the scenes stuff you don’t usually get to see. But I guess that’s really what a good model website should do afterall.” The “personal aspects” part applies more than ever with the new blogging style of Justine’s site, and the current photo and video collection is growing steadily (even if still smaller than it once was), so basically I still think this site is very much worth a look for fans. Since I did mention that “serious fans will feel the need to shop around for Justine’s best sex scenes”, I do however think I will finish this review update by pointing you in the right direction if you don’t quite know where to start looking for those “best sex scenes”. The last year or so, Justine has really been hitting the DVD market with her always extremely hot lesbian videos, and the huge pay-per-view site AEBN has been adding a lot of those mvoies lately – here is a direct link to Justine Joli’s movie page at AEBN.

October 6 2006:
While I’ve been faithful to my favourite babe Aria Giovanni, not cancelling my membership once in almost a year now, I haven’t extended quite the same courtesy to number two on my list, cancelling my Justine Joli membership shortly after my original review back in April. Well, I’ve checked out the public news section on her site for updates on several occasions since, and I finally decided it was probably time to rejoin and see what’s changed over those six months. While Aria’s site was already of nearly gigantic proportions in April (and now up to around 900 photosets), Justine’s site was still pretty new and very much a work in progress. Things have been improving steadily on Justine Joli’s site. It retains it’s main flaw unfortunately, videos only available in streaming QuickTime format (unless you’ve paid for the pro version of QuickTime that includes a save option, which I imagine extremely few people have), but new videos and photosets have been added regularly, sometimes daily, sometimes with a few days in between.

The total number of videos has gone from 59 back in April to 81 – not too shabby, and most of them are really hot, whether solo or lesbian. One particular video immediately caught my attention. Justine giving a blowjob to a big flesh colored rubber cock in the shower, shot in a camera angle that makes it look almost like the real thing. She may only do girls on video, but let me tell you, this lady has an extremely skillful and inviting mouth if that video is anything to go by. You don’t see anything but her wet face and that big dildo under the shower, but it still gotta be one of the sexiest JJ clips I’ve ever seen. 80 new photosets have also been added across the four different categories, upping the total from 100 to 180. Altogether it’s safe to say Justine Joli’s official has grown into a pretty impressive individual model site, and worth every cent for Justine fans. I’ve added one point to the Content Quantity score and one point to the Updates score as well, as they seem to have been very regular and frequent since mid June.

Original review:
Since I finally got around to review the official site of my favourite babe, Aria Giovanni, I figured I might as well get the next gal crossed off the list as well. After joining into Justine Joli’s site for the second time a week ago, after it had been without updates since late December while it was being redesigned (which she was kind enough to announce on the tour page so she didn’t sucker any new members into a dorment, if already reasonably large site), and since nobody was nearly as crazy about this beautiful redhead for the last few years as the case has been with Aria, some be eager to see where her site is headed in terms of new photo and video content.

For a glamour babe and lesbian pornstar like Justine, her site actually has a much more personal touch than I would expect (even if the new design looks a tad sterile), and I’m sure this very much has to do with Justine not exactly being short for words – not to mention being a self professed exhibisionist (alright, I guess that sort of goes with the job – but there must be degrees afterall). This results in many amateur videos where Justine delivers the running commentary – getting filmed either alone or with other girls getting ready for a photo shoot for instance, or just hanging out. There are also several short interviews where the beautiful redhead will tell you a little about herself and topics relating to her career – like why she doesn’t do men on camera (she’s bisexual in her personal life), why she likes sex with girls so much, as well as a bit about other topics such as bondage (she has appeared in a number of videos at sites from Kink.com – formerly Cybernet Entertainment – like Whipped Ass, Water Bondage, Hogtied and Fuckingmachines) and, on a less sexually related note, being a tech geek and sci-fi nerd (and yes, she’s still talking about herself here, not the audience).

Aside from these “behind the scenes” videos – which also include footage taken during photo shoots (where Justine obviously has to be a little less chatty), you’ll also find a pretty impressive number of solo masturbation and lesbian videos. As you would probably expect, the photo sections at Justine Joli’s site are fairly well stocked as well (although not nearly a match for the huge collection at Aria’s site) – she has done quite a lot of work over the last three years or so afterall. The photosets are divided into four different categories – glamour, girlfriends, fetish and amateur. “Glamour” is how you’re used to seeing Justine on most sites she has appeared on. “Girlfriends” is Justine having fun with girls like Sarah Blake, Jelena Jensen, Adriana Sage, Kelle Marie, Aimee Sweet and several other hotties. “Fetish” is Justine dressed up (or tied up) in something a little out of the ordinary. The fetish section (as well as some of the fetish related videos) also includes a bit of smoking, peeing and spanking. And finally in the amateur section we get to see her when she’s not all dressed up and made up, looking ready for a magazine cover shot.

More details about the model: Justine Jolie on Wikipedia

Moving onto the technical quality of the content, we start running into some trouble with the videos. The usual complaints from me in this area tend to be low resolution and low bitrate, and while that’s a valid point of criticism here (the resolution is around 320×240, I can’t get the bitrate shown but the videos look reasonably clear), the more immediate problem is the choice of video format. Rather than the usual Windows Media (wmv), DivX/Xvid (avi) or mpeg, they have chosen QuickTime. It could have been worse – it could have been that piece of junk RealPlayer – but QuickTime is pretty damn bad as well for a couple of reasons. One: You can’t save the videos, they can only be streamed. Two: You can’t view the movies in fullscreen mode, or even resize the window to just a bit larger than the 320×240 resolution of the videos. Conclusion: That sucks! Following that conclusion there’s also a solution. Head over to Apple’s website and buy the Pro version of QuickTime for $29.95. That’s probably gonna be a big “no thanks” for most of you – and for me as well. At least so far.

Given the amateur feel and personal nature of many of the videos, this issue shouldn’t stop you from joining the site – chances are serious Justine fans will want to get their fix of her real full length sex scenes from various other sites or DVDs she has appeared on anyway – but Justine’s webmaster definitely doesn’t win any popularity contests for choosing QuickTime as the only video format. What about the photo content then? Not a lot of complaints there fortunately. The sets are available in either two or three different resolutions and more often than not the highest quality version is between 1000 and 1200 pixels on the long side – definitely not bad at all. The latest set even has an XL option – 1900 pixels. Too early to say if we can expect more of that of course.
An option to download full sets in a zip file would have been nice though – same complaint I had on Aria’s site. No problem if you’re just browing the sets, but for a fan who just needs to have every damn photo saved to harddrive, right clicking and choosing “save as…” several thousand times tends to take its toll on your mouse arm. Despite it’s flaws, mainly related to the choice of video format and how it plays, I’ve really enjoyed Justine Joli’s site – and not just because I’m a huge fan (although it’s safe to say Justine, as the case was with Aria Giovanni, has probably found herself a sucker she can keep rebilling for a site membership for months on end). The photo section could still use some growth but what is there is great. The video section in particular, with its very personal touch, is quite interesting, and with new videos and photo content being added frequently, this site is definately worth joining for Justine fans – and anyone else interested in finding out why this redhead is so damn popular.

With Justine having done so much work both for other sites (the bondage sites mentioned further up for instance, and a number of video and photo appearences at a site like Danni.com) as well as for the DVD market, serious fans will probably feel the need to shop around on other sites or adult DVD shelves if they want Justine Joli’s best sex scenes. As it is, the main strenghts of this site is that it covers the personal aspects and behind the scenes stuff you don’t usually get to see. But I guess that’s really what a good model website should do afterall.

Visit video clip site of Justine Joli.

Written by Richard Reader

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