The company behind two of my favourite sites, Club Sandy and Pix & Video, has started releasing a new batch of sites over the last ten months or so. Asshole Fever, as the name sort of gives away, is all about anal sex – and damn it’s hot. And rough. And on occasion downright extreme. The current collection of videos and pictorials is of a decent size and growing at a steady pace, and the quality of both videos and photos is great. Porn flicks featuring anal sex may be a dime a dozen these days, but the action and raw energy in most of the videos at Asshole Fever is a notch or five above the usual snoozers.

It’s been a year since my last combined update of most of the reviews I have done for some of the individual sites in the very large and still excellent 21Sextury Network – today’s update will be a combined one for Asshole Fever and DP Fanatics, the two main anal/DP sites with exclusive content in the network.

Both sites continue with their weekly video and photoset updates, and Asshole Fever now weighs in at a pretty whopping 342 scenes with DP Fanatics not too far behind at 274 scenes at the time of writing. Like all the exclusive content sites in the network, these two have been offering 1080p HD downloads for a year now (plus several lower qualities of course, and multiple streaming options), and 720p HD dating back to mid 2008, so a fairly substantial amount of the video content can be enjoyed in very sharp quality. A couple of months ago 21Sextury also finally came through on their promise of increased photo resolution, meaning that recent photo sets can now be viewed in a huge 4256×2832 pixel version in addition to the old, on high resolution monitors slightly outdated 1280×852 version.

Regarding the content, Asshole Fever continues as always with a mix of anal scenes and some with both anal and DP. DP Fanatics, as the name suggests, still has double penetration in each and every scene. Occasionally you will also see more extreme “stunts” like double anal or double vaginal, or huge anal dildos. The models on both sites are still mostly beautiful Eurobabes, some of the fairly new girls probably still haven’t made enough of a name for themselves to be recognized by their names alone, but some standouts among the additions over the last year include Nikky Thorne (if you’re a Eurobabe fan like me there’s probably a good chance you’re familiar with her already), Angel Rivas, Eliska Cross (beautiful French girl), Aleska Diamond, Bailee, Henessy, Brittany Spring, Gapolexa (insane anal stretching capabilities, does double anal without flinching and takes Blue Angel’s fist in the ass on one of other network sites) and Madison Parker (Madison has been doing scenes for 21Sextury for a few years now, so there’s a chance I might already have mentioned her in a review before).

As I’ve said before, anal and double penetration are two of the niches (or one, if you just consider the latter a variation of anal) 21Sextury generally does really or regularly even exceptionally well (the other two standouts being masturbation, with or without toys, and lesbian), and Asshole Fever and DP Fanatics continue to be the main reasons for that, even though you will also find plenty of anal scenes elsewhere in the network.

Update November 2009:
A new and heavily improved unified member area for the entire 21Sextury Network has just been implemented. Rather than repeat the details in all the individual 21Sextury site reviews, I refer you to today’s update of the main network review instead, where you can also find a batch of screenshots of the new member area. Note that for the time being at least, you will need to log in through the new main hub site (direct site link) to access the new interface, as the old ones remain in place if you log in to one of the individual sites instead. It doesn’t matter which network site you join through, you username and password will of course work for the new hub site as well.

I haven’t added any points to the navigation/design score for these individual network reviews, but that’s mostly just because I’m a bit lazy and can’t be bothered to change the numbers on a whole slew of category and assorted other pages.
On the other hand, aside fromt the interface improvements, the video download and streaming options are now really also so plentiful that a maxed score in that category is justified, which means we would in theory be looking at 100/100 scores today for not just the main network review but also three of the individual network sites, Club Sandy, Pix & Video and Asshole Fever, and as fantastic as those three sites are, that score probably still seems slightly excessive – even with a scoring system I’ve already admitted several times over the years turned out a bit flawed and too top heavy. So in that light the current total scores for the various 21Sextury site reviews still look fairly reasonable, even if a few of the sub scores aren’t perhaps entirely what I feel they ought to be.

And I think this bonus site system is the first things I’ll comment on actually. Frankly I think it’s a little bit confusing – and I believe they’ve changed it a few times over the last year or so as well. Overall though, I’ve actually gotten more than I expected this time (although I guess if I had actually taken a closer look on the tour page I really shouldn’t have been all that surprised) – starting with ten fairly small bonus hardcore sites right off the bat (as I also mentioned in my CS and P&V updates a couple of months ago), and then an additional two sites each month I’ve remained a member, which is what got me Asshole Fever and DP Fanatics access last week. Some of the sites are really great, with lots of exclusive content – like the two sites I’m talking about here, plus several more – others are smaller niche sites that, from what I can see, tend to be built from recycled content from some of the other 21Sextury sites and/or assorted licensed DVD content.

In any case, if you stay a recurring member for a while you’ll end up with access to a pretty large network. Although things are again made a tad confusing by the Club Sandy and/or Pix & Video memberships eventually granting you access to all the other sites, while those two huge sites still seem to be off the menu if you go the other way around with eg. an Asshole Fever or DP Fanatics membership. But of course then you’ve got all the assorted discounted combo memberships… Confused yet? Yeah, me too – and I really ended up spending way too many words on this. So to sum up – you get your money’s worth with these sites, and on top of that some potentially confusing but generally plentiful bonuses.

Now let’s try to get this update back on track again, shall we? As expected, aside from a very respectable video quality upgrade – similar to what CS and P&V also received last year (actually even better here, with a 720×540 resolution, rather than 640×480) – the only major change to Asshole Fever and DP Fanatics since my last visit around a year and a half ago, is the amount of content, and obviously the number of models as well, though there are still quite a few repeat visitors, which certainly isn’t a bad thing at all in most cases. Asshole Fever is up from 91 videos and photosets at the time of my second look in October 2006, to a now very impressive 204 content sets. DP Fanatics, with it’s slightly slower update schedule – a new video and photoset every week vs. every five days at Asshole Fever – is certainly not a small site either anymore, having gone from 61 videos and photosets to 142.

Overall both sites are still great, though if I only had to pick one (and then look through the bonus site system to see if I could figure out if and when I would be granted access to the other) I would still go with Asshole Fever. It obviously remains the largest of the two, and you still get plenty of double penetration action here as well. And as a dedicated anal site in general, I still believe it’s pretty much the only one out there I would suggest as a possible – extremely possible – alternative to Ass Traffic. That site wins on volume (but not by much anymore, and Asshole Fever will catch up soon with it’s slightly speedier update schedule, and not at all if you factor in the bonus sites) and video quality, but as I mentioned in my original review below, I still think Asshole Fever has a few extremely strong cards on its hands in terms of sheer entertainment value and occasionally very extreme anal/DP action, as well as, in my opinon, fewer girls that aren’t quite as pretty as the rest of them. An issue I do feel is a tad too prominent at Ass Traffic on occasion, and on that company’s other sites for that matter. 21Sextury is probably still the leader when it comes to hiring the hottest Eurobabes, as they’ve been showing us at Club Sandy and Pix & Video since late 2003.

I have decided to add a full three points to the content quantity score for Asshole Fever (two for DP Fanatics). I had my mind set on two first, but keeping the bonus content in mind at considering how small the gap is up to Ass Traffic, I think three is fair, or will be very shortly anyway. You could probably argue for a single extra point in quality as well, though with the ever increasing number of high bitrate and/or HD porn sites, my requirements are obviously always on the rise in that particular scoring category.

Update October 2006
Asshole Fever has grown a lot since my original review back in March. A fairly new site back then but already with a pretty decent 49 videos and photosets, has now bulked up to a very impressive 91 videos and photosets and it looks like the update pace has remained steady at one new scene every five days. I didn’t exactly try to keep it a secret back in March that Asshole Fever had what is without a doubt some of the absolute hottest anal content I’ve ever seen – easily a match for some of best productions for the DVD market from the top studios, and fortunately that hasn’t changed at all.

21Sextury – the company behind this and several other sites – is still pulling on it’s large stable of mostly East European beauties, and the sex is just as hot and nasty in all the new scenes as it was seven months ago. Many of the girls appear to be fresh faces – even to a Eurobabe fan like me, but when they look like they do here that’s certainly not a bad thing at all. Now that the content amount has nearly doubled, Asshole Fever definately takes the lead ahead of Ass Traffic as my favourite anal site. The latter still has the lead in volume (although it’s diminished now), but now that Asshole Fever can no longer be considered a relatively small site, it pulls ahead with its generally hotter and often a bit more extreme videos.

When a site comes along produced by the same people who have been pumping out daily updates over the last few years for two of my own favourites, Club Sandy and Pix & Video, you just have a feeling you’re in for a slew of hot Eurobabes, high production values and technical quality, and last but certainly not least, a load of highly entertaining and very hot video and photo content. 21Sextury as the company is called, has in fact been launching a whole line of new sites since last summer, and while they are obviously no match in size for the huge content archives of their two original sites (there’s a third as well actually, which I may or may not take a look at at a later date), several of them have now grown to a size where you certainly don’t feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth. Asshole Fever is one of those.

The last few years anal sex has almost been a necessity for me to really enjoy a hardcore guy/girl scene (I guess that’s what you get from spending all those years watching too much porn), and as the name implies, that’s exactly what you’ll get plenty of at Asshole Fever – and much of it pretty damn extreme. A couple of standouts feature some of the most extreme anal scenes I’ve ever seen in fact – I’ll get back to those in a little while as they are worthy of special mention. At the time of writing Asshole Fever offers members 49 long videos (25-35 minutes each), each of them with typically somewhere between 100 and 200 matching high resolution photos – some more. New scenes are rolled out two at a time (spaced out a little) in ten daily parts, with a full version of the video in a single file coming on the last day (photos are released a page or two at a time as well). So that’s something in the neighborhood of one full update every five days or so.

Most of the scenes have a short introduction a few minutes long, where the girl (or girls – there’s a fair number of scenes with two girls, most of them the usually hot and nasty East European babes we already know and love from many sites, including the other ones from 21Sextury) struts around a bit and perhaps plays with fingers or a dildo. She (or they) are then joined by one, two or occasionally more guys, and from there things very quickly heats up with gagging and sloppy blowjobs, fingers or toys in her ass to stretch her out, and then either straight on to relentless anal sex or perhaps a few minutes drilling the pussy first. If it’s a scene with more than one guy, double penetration aplenty is pretty much guaranteed – even double vaginal or double anal in some cases.

If you prefer to see girls getting seriously stretched and stuffed in anal scenes, I’m also happy to say that even though only a few of the scenes feature black guys (they do have a tendency to sport huge tools afterall – at least the guys doing porn), they have managed to round up some pretty well equipped guys. These assholes do get stretched – a lot. As mentioned most of the videos are generally pretty extreme or at least fairly rough. This is not gentle lovemaking but hard and consistent fucking. Some scenes are harder than others, but quite a few of them have the girl(s) gasping for air, being thrown around like little fuck dolls and eventually covered in cum and their own spit from all the throat fucking.

The two very extreme scenes I mentioned above are actually in continuation of each other. In the first one extreme Eurohottie Angela Winters is joined by just one guy, but when her ass and mouth is relentlessly stuffed with a huge cock, a dildo of around the same size – and last but not least, Angela’s own fist (and we’re talking up to the wrist here), even a one on one session has the potential to become really, really nasty. And if the keyword is indeed nasty, Angela is up there with the very best of them. When she’s joined by around five guys – all with big cocks – in the follow up scene, it immediately turns into an insane orgy of anal fisting, throat fucking and constant double anal, regular DPs and Angela’s ass just generally being severely abused and stretched for 35 minutes straight. And all along she’s screaming for more and generally acting like cum is her main source of nurishment. Now that’s solid entertainment. The technical quality of the photo content is up to the usual high standards known from Club Sandy and Pix & Video – the photographers know what they are doing here. No complaints about sharpness or resolution either, they look great at 1280 pixels on the long side.

The videos are available for download in a medium and high quality version (the streaming videos also have a low quality option for slow connections), both in mpeg format (the streaming videos use Windows Media). Even the medium version looks pretty good in a 400×300 resolution (better than I usually expect from a lowish resolution like that), and truth be told the 512×384 of the high quality version didn’t really seem worth the extra download time if you’re on a medium speed broadband connection (I’m currently using a 1 Mbit line). None of the movie players I tried were able to report the bitrate of the videos (must have something to do with the way they are encoded), but both medium and high versions are quite sharp, so my estimate would be somewhere in the area of 1000 kbit.

All in all, Asshole Fever is definately worth a look for anal porn fans. The Eurobabes are hot – often very hot. So is the sex, and the range from pretty hard to very rough or extreme should ensure there’s something for (almost) everyone. There’s enough anyway to ensure that that this one lands a 5/5 score in Reviewer’s Tilt, and thus a place among my personal favorites. The site could still use some growth, but the update schedule is pretty decent (and consistent) and with around 25 hours of video and 8,000+ photos, you can hardly call Asshole Fever a small site.

Homepage: Asshole Fever

Written by Richard Reader

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