Charmane is that girl with the big “O” tattooed on her right arm, probably some yakuza-gang-thing. Elsewhere – not on – you can catch her in plenty of movies, primarily ones with “Asian-” or “oriental” in the titles since she was born in the Philippines. Asian Whores and Whoriental Sex Academy, are two examples of series she starred in. She’s extremely purdy. The most famous Filipina pornstar Charmane quit adult movies years ago as far as known. Check Wikipedia for more details on her.

The member area: Nothing much is delivered really, less than 10 videos total, some bedroom scene, rest is off movies quoted at top of page, and courtesy of Zero tolerance, Diabolic XXX, others. Nothing exclusive to the website obviously. Some of the films are split up into a number clips where clips from the same scene can be either several minutes, or 15 seconds long. The different filesizes may seem like a completely unnecessary detail to bring up here but it really goes to show how much time the responsible people invest in this site. A telltale sign. Video quality ranges from bad-to-average. No complete movies in the member area (as promised in the preview). No big surprise either. You’re lucky to get a full scene out of one film. Wait. In a rare display of generosity the webmasters have seen fit to present two scenes from the same film. By golly, I did not expect to get anything like that for my 30 bucks. Approx. 400 “Buy my movies HERE” links have been dispersed throughout the member area.

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Photos are around 1500 or something, all told. Mainly “vacation” stuff, any xxx is from movie shoots, behind the scenes, and the like. Lots of small-sized images, very few additions occurred after 2004-2005. Nothing ever written in her diary and such of course, another detail that should not come as a complete surprise. Bonus photos; “other pornstars”. This page has looked the same for five years or more now, on all the sites maintained (“maintained”) by the “Pornstar Dollars” company. Yeah just some photos feat pornstars that quit the business long ago. Nah, this site was probably set up in an hour, in 2000 or such with less time than that spent on it since. Should be some kind of internet porn police out there, regulating and stuff, ensuring sites like this are blocked and cannot stay online for this long unhindered. There isn’t, so you’ll have to keep checking here instead, sorry. Lovely babe, which is the only reason for all its flaws narrowly escapes the Garbage-rating category.


Written by Richard Reader

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