Awesome beautiful Shalini is actually a half Indian, half Mexican cutie. Curvy, hot and vivacious, she has been raised in US and loves to flaunt her Jawani Desipapa: the Indian Movie site! The publishers claim this is one of the biggest collections of movies on the net. It is not. It may one of the biggest collections of Indian movies but there are many much bigger movie sites. At the time of writing there are over 130 full length Indian porn movies on the site and new ones are added a few times a month. The videos range from full hardcore porn to Bollywood studio movies with some sex scenes. As far as we can tell from our sample they all star models from India and surrounding countries with the occasional Cauccasian added for spice.

This was not a particularly well designed site but they have made some changes recently that improve the layout with thumbnails for the movie downloads. However some of the older movies still use the old ugly style. Exclusive content? Apart from the recent movies all the videos are listed in a great long page with a brief description and some technical detail about the movie – like what format it is in. You can see a sample from this page on the right. Click on the link to see the film and you are presented with the page below. To get the movie you have no choice but to download the chunks and re assemble them. There is no choice of movie format and some require a divx codec which you can download from the site. Quality varies widely from very clear and well produced to some of the shaky stuff they claim is not on the site. Some of the editing is weird as well. On one film we watched, half the film appeared to fast forward through the good bits. We presume this is intentional censorship but the actors look like they are shagging like demented rabbits. There are no photos on the site and the annoying links to other content mainly from desipapa’s free Asian amateurs site seems to have gone.
The good news – there is no download limit , the download speed is good and there are some very good movies on this site. Apparently some of the movies are broken into so many small pieces because line speed in India is slow. This makes it very important to also offer full movie downloads to those of us who enjoy broadband and expect much more from our porn suppliers. Updates are about once a week but sometimes you get a bonus movie as well. Desipapa now also offer DVDs of their movies but these of course cost extra.

Overall we were disappointed. We expected high quality DVDs of lovely India women showing the decadent west what the Karma Sutra was all about. We can see the women are very beautiful but the Indian porn industry needs a serious upgrade to meet the quality of US and European studios. The site looks and feels like one from five years ago. If you want a large collection of Indian porn then maybe its worth signing up. You could even speculate and buy a lifetime membership assuming things will only get better and right now its a bargain price.


Written by Richard Reader

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