Without a doubt one of the absolute hottest masturbation and toy sites – arguably the hottest. Covering the entire scale from fingering over vibrator insertions to extreme dildo penetrations and self fisting. Tons of exclusive high quality video and photo content and large updates with new or returning beautiful girls coming twice a week.

finger in shaved pussy

Model Emilee fingers herself with deep penetration of multiple fingers

Update, October 2011

I think I was overdue for a revisit to FTV Girls. While lesbian porn dominates the time I spend on adult video entertainment these days solely for my own enjoyment rather than also for review purposes, I still thoroughy enjoy a great solo masturbation scene, and even with strong competion, FTV Girls has arguably always been the king (queen?) of those in my opinion. And despite my preference for Eastern European models it also makes for a nice change of pace to watch some American cuties and beauties again, having a little fun on their own – and occasionally with each other in the rare but usually entertaining girl/girl scenes they still mix into their update schedule now and then at FTV Girls.

I can’t recall when and how much I’ve talked about it in previous review updates below, but the hardest scenes at FTV Girls (color coded red or dark orange) have always been my favorites. A sexy girl using fingers, vibrators and other small toys can certainly make for en entertaining scene, but I’ve always particularly liked the ones at FTV Girls who brought out the really large toys and/or entertained themselves with a round or two of self fisting. Sometimes there have been a few too many weeks between those red marked updates, but this year they’ve pretty much had one every month so far, plus a number of dark orange marked updates. As always the updates at FTV Girls aren’t the typical one-scene-of-15-to-30-minutes you see on most masturbation sites, but still very large updates consisting of typically two or three separate multi part scenes that combined weigh in at usually 60-90+ minutes. Plus on average around 300 photos per update also spread out over several sets.

Altogether it was great to be back at FTV Girls for yet another look at a lot of great new masturbation content that rarely looks at all like much of the very generic stuff you tend to see in that niche on many sites. If there’s one criticism I’ll put forward this time it is that FTV Girls still has no Flash player option (something I never missed in the past but which I do like these days on many sites for at least a quick video preview before I download) – which is actually a little surprising given that they certainly aren’t behind the curve with the technical quality of their downloads, still with impeccably sharp 1080p HD videos (plus lower options if you don’t have the bandwidth for HD and also miss that Flash player). And I guess their site interface and presentation in general is starting to look and feel a bit dated compared some more recently launched – or redesigned – sites.

athletic ass

Perspective blurr and sensous moments fit well together

Since I’ve begun mentioning download speeds in some reviews/review updates, I’ll do that here as well this time. The FTV Girls download servers have been extremely fast for me this time, regularly maxing out my 50 Mbit connection at 6 MB/s – although I did run into a few times where the site itself was a bit sluggish to browse with slow page loading, even giving me some time out errors last night, but fortunately these issues have been temporary, and it is weekend right now so if there are some intermittent server issues hopefully they’ll get fixed Monday.

Update, January 2010

FTV Girls keeps adding excellent and very large content updates every four to six days, with both new and previously featured girls. As always the updates are still color coded from green over yellow to red, so you know (assuming you don’t also read the substantial scene descriptions) whether you’re in for softcore posing and masturbation or huge dildos and fisting – or somewhere in between. Some very minor improvements have recently been made to the content listings and their descriptions and keywords in the member area, making it a bit easier and quicker to find specific types of content.

Oh, and as a new thing at FTV Girls, they will now apparently be adding a hardcore boy/girl update at the end of every month, with the first one scheduled for January 31. I can’t say I personally have any interest in that – 12 b/g scenes a year is hardly going to put them in competition with even the tiniest b/g sites, but I guess it won’t hurt.
And their lesbian content, which is also very sparse compared to the huge collection of solo masturbation content that’s the main focus of the site, has usually proved to be quite excellent, so perhaps these upcoming b/g updates could also turn out to be a decent addition to the site after all.
I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Update, March 2009

Three years and three months have now passed since my original FTV Girls review (buried somewhere further down the page), and as with so many of my other favourite sites, this one has only gotten even better as time has passed.
You still get usually two large multi-scene content updates a week (read the original review and previous updates for a description of what’s typically included in those), and the total number of “features” now amounts to more than 550, starring 380 lovely models. Preview pics and descriptions for all of them can of course still be accessed from the tour pages.

At the time of my previous review update, the video quality had just received a major upgrade to a letterboxed 1440×1080, 8000 kbit HD format and now that another 15 months have gone by, it means that around 120 of the content updates are available in this fantastic quality (and a couple of lower ones if you don’t care about HD).

Update, December 2007

Another year has passed at FTV Girls (with lots of new sexy girls and hot solo sex, but that’s not really the topic of this update) and with several of its competitors in the toys/masturbation niche having made the move to 720p (1280×720) HD video here in 2007, the guys at FTV Girls seem to have decided it was time to do a bit of “future proofing” of their own.
The last three updates at FTV Girls have offered HD video, but rather than “just” going with 720p video at the typical ~4000 kbit bitrates, they have instead gone one step further – you get full 1080p HD video at 8000 kbit!

The very long video features at FTV Girls are still spread out over several scenes, each with several typically 2-10 minute long video clips, which also means that even though a full content update is huge in terms of file size if you go for the HD option, the individual HD clips are “only” around 200-600 MB each. But obviously a quality update as large as this is aimed at the members with high speed connections, large high resolution monitors (or a HDTV hooked up to the computer) and plenty of harddisk space. Don’t worry if you can’t quite match those requirements though – the old 640×480, 2000 kbit WMV (which still looks quite good) and 352×256 DivX versions are still there right alongside the new 1080p downloads.

(*) I originally wrote a long and unnecessarily confusing technical explanation of the 1440×1080 HD format. I can explain that in fewer words now (March 2009). 1440×1080 is a letterboxed HD widescreen format – your media player should automatically zoom the picture and get rid of the black bars at the top and bottom. If you’re watching the videos on a HDTV instead (I tend to use my Playstation 3 for that on a regular basis for instance), the zoom controls on your TV should be able to do the same thing.

2nd look, January 2007

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, FTV Girls was my favourite porn site of them all – and while there are a whole lot more sites competing for my attention these days (I have afterall seen a couple of hundred member areas now, versus less than twenty a year and a half ago), it’s probably safe to say that as far as masturbation/toys sites go, FTV Girls is still sitting at the top, although with heavy competition from a newer site like In Focus Girls (usually smaller dildos and less extreme toy action, but on the other hand a lot of lesbian fisting – which I also love, a lot, and full HD video) and mixed niche sites like ALS Scan and Club Sandy.

It’s been business as usual at FTV Girls throughout the last year – a new large video and photo update usually every four days (but still the occasional bonus update as well), each featuring either a brand new girl or an old returning members’ favourite. Around two weekly updates doesn’t sound like much compared to the 5-7 updates you get at several of FTV Girls’ closest competitors, but it’s worth keeping in mind that most of the FTV Girls additions are huge, more often than not containing an hour or more (regularly as much as 80-120 minutes) of video over several different scenes as well as multiple photosets. So you get to see a lot more of the same girl than you’re typically used to at other sites – multiple locations, different outfits, different toys and very often a bit of public nudity or upskirt action to kick things off.

The content also still ranges from girls that only do softcore – posing, masturbation with fingers and small toys etc., all the way to the most extreme ladies who happily squat over the largest dildos they can find (including the “FTV Monster” – a new insane dildo they added to the toy collection shortly after my original review, and one that’s pretty much rivalling what you can find at Brutal Dildos), engage in a bit of self fisting and otherwise try out an assortment of extreme penetration stunts, possibly ending with several very wet squirting orgasms. All the updates are still color coded from green over yellow and orange to deep red so you can quickly get a good idea of what you’re about to see (and there are lengthy text descriptions for each update as well).

Oh, and it’s probably also worth mentioning that most of the girls at FTV Girls – softcore or extreme – are still hot as hell (and most are still completely or relatively fresh faces, although you do get the very occasional glamour babe or pornstar as well), and they do occasionally team up for a two girl feature, although if you’re looking for lesbian porn the selection is very limited at FTV Girls (currently 27 video/photo features out of the nearly 400 total).

And the last few points before I end this very favourable 2nd look (which appears to be shaping up to be more or less a complete review rather than just an update). First something I think I left out in my original review – the “FTV challenge” section of the site, an excellent and very useful place for new members to start, with categories (based on member downloads and the occasional poll) like “hottest scenes”, “most unique and extreme”, “most beautiful”, “best butts and breasts” and finally the “FTV Toy chart” page where images and text tell you which girls have managed to “swallow” the most of the now two (including the FTV Monster) largest toys.
And moving onto the second point – the video quality is still great at 640×480, 2000 kbit. I recall seeing a member poll a few months back though, asking whether there was any interest in HD (1280×720) videos, but I never saw the results (I think my last membership expired around the same time) and I can’t really say whether HD is coming or not, but I will obviously update this review if it should happen. In any case, the current video quality is still up to par with or better than most of the competition, and the photo content – both the regular sized 1052 px sets as well as the growing collection of “super sized”, direct from camera pics – is still some of the best looking around. This photographer, who also started and runs the site, is just plain gifted.

No changes to any scores – there’s not that much to improve on here afterall (I still have 640×480, 1000 kbit videos as the minimum requirement for a 20/20 quality score, although that’s probably going to change over the next year or two). If anything you could perhaps argue that the updates score should be lowered a point to better keep in line with the scoring procedures I’ve established since my original review, which was among the very first I did, but considering the size of the updates, I think a 9/10 is still fair (if you were looking stritcly at how many minutes of video you get a week I guess you cold even argue in the other direction for a 10/10 score).

So FTV Girls is still the best toys/masturbation site then? In my opinion yes, but depending on whether you have very specific interests in that area, the other sites I mentioned further up may very well be worth checking out as well.
The toys/masturbation niche (sometimes including lesbian sex as well) happens to have several absolutely incredible sites. Not exactly something to complain about.

Original Review

Looks can be deceiving, and in the case of FTV Girls that partially holds true. When I first came across this site about a year and a half ago I was initially fooled by the glossy looking “magazine covers” that accompanies all their photo/video features and thought this was mainly a softcore photography site (which was not what I was looking for at the time), albeit with a ton of beautiful and natural girls. While that description accurately fits one large aspect of what FTV Girls has to offer, it leaves out the part that has kept me a very happy member over several rounds.

Digging a little further into the tour of the site and reading some of the descriptive text on the updates page I quickly discovered that masturbation was the real attraction of this site (well, it was for me anyway) – and no, I am not referring to myself sitting with my cock in my hand (no, not right now – no need to worry), but rather what all the lovely girls do to themselves with fingers, toys and even larger toys. Twice a week (occasionally three times) FTV Girls is updated with a new large feature. I call it that because just calling it a new video or a new photoset does not really do it justice, as every update – starring a single girl (occasionally two, I will get back to that) – has videos that span over several scenes or settings, often starting out with some teasing public nudity sequences and then moving on to usually two or three different masturbation scenes.

Every feature (if we stick to calling it that) at FTV Girls is color coded on a scale ranging from light green over shades of yellow and orange all the way to red. In the green and yellow end of the scale the girls will usually stick to masturbating with fingers and the occasional vibrator or other small toy. In the other end of the scale we find the girls that prefer their dildos thick and ten inches long, and occasionally taking two or three toys at once – perhaps one in the ass. Some of them go as far as shoving their entire hand into their pussies, resulting in some spectacular self fisting scenes if you are into that sort of thing. Aside from using “conventional” toys, some of the girls will also treat you to things like panty stuffing, speculum insertions and various other objects. If you are into squirting you will also be pleased to hear that several of the girls do their best to cover their surroundings in pussy juice when they cum – and if that is not enough fluid for you you can even find a few lactation videos as well. Occasionally members are treated to a lesbian feature (there are currently around 20 of those), and they are just as excellent and extremely hot as the solo features – and often they will also include plenty of the girls chatting, teasing and goofing around. A very nice and more personal view.

As far as size or quantity goes for the features, some of the recent ones are closing in on a staggering two hours plus of video, but the average over the last year is in the 60-90 minutes range. Each feature as mentioned, spans over several scenes, and each one is further segmented to make downloads a bit more managable. As broadband connections have become common the segments have increased in size though, and they are now typically each 5-15 minutes long. The video quality is great – a clear 640×480 resolution, and lighting and setting usually adds an additional professional touch to them that technicalities like resolution and bitrate cannot do alone. To top it off the owner of the site has just reported that from January 2006 all new videos will have their bitrate upped from the current 768 to 2000. A 20 second sample was posted and we are definately making the leap from clear to crystal clear video here. It has also been promised that current and older videos (the most popular of them anyway) will be re-encoded in the new quality over the coming months.

Each feature also comes with anywhere from around 100-300 photos, and if you like photo content and not just stick mainly to videos as I have a tendency to, you will be extremely pleased with those. The quality is absolutely top notch, from setting and lighting to the way the photographer is obviously able to get the girls to relax and give it their very best in front of the camera – it does show that the owner of the site, according to the info page was “originally a fashion & commerical photographer for top magazines”.

To finish off this review, FTV is an acronym for First Time Videos, and while many of the girls do indeed appear to be genuine amateurs, quite a few of the most popular ones has revisited FTV Girls several times – and there are also frequent visits from girls that certainly do not qualify as amateurs. Names like Taylor Rain, Jamie Lynn, Penny Flame and Sarah Blake should probably ring a bell with many of you. With a site of this quality they certainly will not hear me complain about straying a bit from their original concept though – in fact some of my favourite features have been with the girls I just mentioned. As the scores indicate I have virtually nothing negative to say about FTV Girls – I could be nitpicky and say that the site could perhaps do with a few minor design improvements and a search feature might be nice as well (mind you, everything is already neatly cataloged), but overall this is one hell of an amazing site and the standard to live up to for other sites in the masturbation and toys niche. Even a lot of softcore sites with a strict focus on photography and beautiful girls could learn a thing or five from FTV Girls.

Visit homepage: FTV Models

Written by Richard Reader

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