The official site of afamous girl/girl model was off to a great start with some fantastic new scenes plus Jo’s almost entire ten year archive for Viv Thomas. In the ten months members have been getting a weekly lesbian or solo masturbation scene (video and photoset), and on occasion some bonus behind the scenes of “Jo’s Life” videos – plus the scenes Jo have done in some of last year’s main Viv Thomas movies (there was a new one released on DVD/store download and for members of the Viv Thomas main site less than two weeks ago. Imagine Jo’s two scenes from it will follow on I Dream of Jo some time in the near future).

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But the most important thing for fans is obviously all those brand new, IDOJ exclusive lesbian and solo scenes, and I’m pleased to report that while there have been some disappointments among them (including several landing in a row around September, which made for a bit of an annoying 4-6 weeks to be a member), the standard has overall been very high, delivering a number of Jo’s arguably best scenes ever, and since she’s the best girl/girl model in the world in my opinion, that obviously also means scenes I consider them the best lesbian scenes I’ve ever seen anywhere. Chief among those are now five with the gorgeous Eve Angel (one of them an excellent, fun and relaxed threesome with Sylvia Lauren, plus a second scene that starts out with all three, but for story purposes Eve leaves at the beginning there, so I’m not counting it in those five), and the two beautiful ladies still make for the most exquisite and inmitate on-screen pairing I’ve ever laid eyes on. Eve can be hit or miss in some of her scenes for other studios or with other girls, but she’s never less than an immense hit when she’s with Jo (well, actually there have been a couple of misfires there as well for other studios in recent years, but I put the blame squarely on the camera man/director in those cases). Jo and Eve’s chemistry is simply breathtaking.

There have been countless other great scenes on I Dream of Jo with Jo paired up with various other girls, well established and popular models (including Sandra Shine, Vera, Sophie Moone, Brandy Smile, Cindy Hope and Blue Angel to name some of them) as well as a bunch of relative newcomers who have ranged from extremely promising to, fortunately only in a few cases, rather underwhelming. If you enjoy solo masturbation scenes there have also been an excellent range of those, and particular in the last few months nearly all of them have turned more inmitate, skipping the typical “putting on a show for the camera” in favour of the same approach used in girl/girl videos where the girl(s) pretend the camera isn’t there. From a stylistic point of view it’s also been great to see some experimentation there in videos and photosets, and these last few months we’ve also seen some visually and artistically stunning scenes – both lesbian and solo.

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Jo and her team have also continually been reading and occasionally responding to feedback from the 190+ pages long IDOJ thread on the Viv Thomas forum, and while there are still a few things some of us fans feel they’ve ignored a little too often (notably the plea for longer scenes – while there are some 20-25+ minute scenes most fall within ~14-17 minutes) they’ve generally been very responsive to suggestions and critique. Overall I simply can’t recommend I Dream of Jo strongly enough to fans of lesbian erotica – whether you’re already familiar with Jo’s work or just love the genre.

Original comments:
After 10 years of modeling, my favourite girl/girl model of the last roughly 4-5 years finally has a site of her own – I Dream of Jo launched in January (although as commonly done on new sites, the dates on some of the launch content, all listed through the “Explore site” link, is spaced out several months prior to that). Even accounting for different taste, Jo’s best scenes have almost certainly come from her frequent work with Viv Thomas throughout her career. She has consistently been one of most popular VT models, and fans – including yours truly of course – have voted her Viv Thomas Babe of the Year twice in the three years that award and event has existed. It’s very fortunate then that the new site, I Dream of Jo, is done in collaberation with Viv Thomas. It launched initially with most of the content Jo has done for VT movies over the last nine or ten years, from her very earliest scenes to the latest two 2011 releases, which amounts to 49 lesbian videos, seven solo videos plus a very healthy dose of behind the scenes videos and video interviews. And on top of that there are 90+ photosets at the time of writing.

For long time fans however this previously released content is probably not going to be the most interesting aspect of the site – we’ve already seen it before on either DVD or as downloads from the Viv Thomas sites – but of course Jo has been and is in the process of shooting a whole slew of new solo and lesbian content that will be released over the coming months. At the time of writing the new released I Dream of Jo exclusive content consists of 12 lesbian videos, five solo videos, a pretty good selection of photo sets plus some candid videos.

The very best of the new content includes Jo in so far two (more are promised) spectacular and intensely intimate and loving scenes with the gorgeous Eve Angel (they have always been fantastic in their numerous scenes together over the years, except for a couple of blunders on other sites where I’m inclined to blame outside factors like bad and invasive direction, or the addition of a third girl who breaks up the chemistry) and three with Vera (two of them from very recently released Viv Thomas movies, one of those a foursome), another amazing Viv Thomas model Jo has been paired up with quite a few times before. Jo and Vera used to be my favourite recurring girl/girl “couple”, but these days Eve Angel is definitely giving Vera a run for her money in the role of Jo’s best on-screen partner.

Other really great new lesbian scenes on I Dream of Jo include Jo with Brandy Smile, with Nikita (both of them among my very few favourite girl/girl “newbie” models, those who’ve started modeling within the last 3-4 years), with Sandra Shine (one a duo from the fantastic new Prim & Improper movie, another a fun and energetic threesome with a candid feel that also features Blue Angel), two with Zuzana Z. and a threesome with Brandy Smile and the beautiful Antonia who made her very promising Viv Thomas debut last year in two scenes in the Hot Silk movie.

Jo’s new solo masturbation scenes have also been great, particularly the Valentine’s Day dildo scene and the shower scene from March, the latter particularly erotic because Jo never for a split second looks into the camera (something that otherwise tends to be standard procedure in solo scenes) – and it certainly doesn’t hurt either that her amazing body is all wet and soapy.

The video quality on the new content – and Jo’s DVD scenes from the last two or three years – is 720p HD, with a couple of lower quality options and streaming Flash also available. Older video content doesn’t fare as well at 512×384, 1500 kbit, but it’s still just about enough to make full screen viewing acceptable without becoming too annoyed by the lack of sharpness. However I believe these older files simply happen to be among those that the VT crew are still in the process of reencoding, as quite a few old movies have been rereleased on the Viv Thomas main site in DVD quality at 720×576, 2200 kbit. Which may in fact also be the case for some of those old I Dream of Jo scenes – I’ve only checked a few as I already had them in my collection. Photo quality is also great with 2400×1600 (though only max 1280×853 on older content) and 800×533 pixel versions available for online browsing and in zip downloads.

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Jo is on Tumblr: Covers and image samples

To balance all the praise there are a couple of points where I Dream of Jo falls a bit short of matching my idea of a perfect site. Compared to eg. Eve Angel Official, the update pace at I Dream of Jo is a bit slow at one new lesbian or solo video and photoset a week. Although fortunately content like behind the scenes and candid videos, as well as Jo’s previously mentioned scenes from a couple of very recent 2011 Viv Thomas DVDs, are thrown in on additional days so it doesn’t delay the main updates.

Another matter worth mentioning is that many of the new lesbian videos have been a bit shorter than the roughly 20 minutes I typically consider an ideal minimum. The average length so far has probably been around 15 minutes, with a few that were shorter and some of the latest weighing in at over 20 minutes (a pretty whopping 28 for the longest so far). This potential issue has been acknowledged by Jo and her Viv Thomas team on the VT forum as something they will keep in mind for future updates, but naturally without comprimising Jo’s ideas for how she wants to do her scenes, some will be long, others shorter. But even among the scenes that have fallen some 4-6 minutes short of my own idea of a suitable length, there have nevertheless been several that instantly scored a place among my favorite lesbian scenes ever (the two scenes with Jo and Eve for instance are 17 and 13 minutes respectively and the IDOJ exclusive scene with Jo and Vera is 15 minutes), and only two I would rate lower than an 8/10, and that was mainly for technical reasons, bad editing in one (perhaps due to problematic raw footage) and terrible lighting in the other.

So altogether my final conclusion for now will have to be that an I Dream of Jo membership is an absolute must for fans – out of only 12 new exclusive lesbian scenes so far, there are as mentioned above already several that are among Jo’s very best ever in my opinion (and thus best lesbian scenes ever. Period.) – while people new to her and perhaps Viv Thomas content in general will probably feel their money is better spent on joining the main Viv Thomas site (this link takes you to what has, with the last few updates, become a merged review of the 3rd party run Viv Thomas Video and the now, given huge improvements over the last two years, even better official Viv Thomas site).

Visit: I Dream of Jo

Written by Richard Reader

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