Tramp Stamp Studios has been shooting exclusive HD video since 2007. It started with the popular Desperate Pop Stars site and has now expanded into all types of popular porn with a sprinkling of different niches like strip clubs and peeing. The price is competitive and the content pretty good so click on over and have a look.

Tramp started shooting in Northern Europe like many at the time but now shoots in several locations including Canada. The quality is good but not outstanding, downloads are fast and navigation is simple. There are no search facilities or model bio data which is irritating but more than made up for by the variety of the content. It’s a great mix of hardcore sex, sexy solo and intrusive voyeur with some water sports tossed in. There is no network pass so you have to signup to any site in the network and you get access to all of them.

couple making love

Simply raw intercourse in cowgirl position.

Tramp Stamp studios are offline for good. There are some fun shots from Tramp on Flickr and you my like to read our Naked By review if your interest is into tight nude babes.

Written by Richard Reader

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