Take two guys who live for sex, a camera crew, a well equipped bus and drive around the UK looking for action and you have the plot for UK Road Trips. In the UK there are plenty of girls willing to do anything on camera for two minutes of fame and the guys waste no time getting down to it. Hardcore group sex, girl/girl and lots of blow jobs all set in great outdoor locations to add that extra spice. The video quality is very good as are the photos and for a newish site there are a good number of episodes with a new one added weekly. Navigation is not very good and the fact you cant browse the site whilst you are downloading sucks big time. Zip files for the photos would also have been good as would unique file names. You just have to ignore these irritations and get down to watching the original action. We do have to issue a warning though – there is some British humour on the videos which may not be so funny to anybody not native to the UK. Some review suggest that the female talent on UK Road trips are British escorts who can be test ridden by punters who care to find out more about them on hooker boards.
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Within an hour of arriving in London we had two brand
new movie stars who were willing to do just about anything in
front of the camera !

UK Road Trips is classic British porn filmed in high quality video with a good original theme and plenty of hardcore group action. Enjoy.

Homepage: www.ukroadtrips.com

UK escort groupsex

Two British escorts engage in groupsex on UK Road Trips.

Written by Richard Reader

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