VideoBox offers a huge amount of hardcore porn videos from popular porn studios, and the collection is growing with a new full downloadable DVD every single day (note: that was at the time of the original review, it’s been five DVDs a day since Spring 2006). The design and interface is extremely user friendly, making it easy to browse the video collection – and yet the monthly membership price remains almost ridiculously low. VideoBox is definitely one of my all time favorite hardcore sites.

Update, December 2011

When I did my last VideoBox review update back in March, they had only just added the very first HD movie to the site. That collection has since grown to 282 DVDs (1,838 scenes) in 720p HD quality, while the total number of downloadable DVDs on the site is up from then just under 10,500 to now just over 12,000. For a while I found most of the HD releases to be rather underwhelming – bland movies, often with low lighting that doesn’t exactly make for the best impression in high def – but the HD collection at VideoBox has become substantially more interesting in recent months. As I also mentioned in my VideosZ review update today, the similarities between the sites – including the addition of HD movies on both this year – remain strong, but also with enough differences in featured studios and movies that I encourage you to check out both sites to see which one might be the best choice for you.

March 2011

It hasn’t been long since my last review update, but since the VideoBox links on this page may now take you to the very different looking, new “VB3” site interface, I felt like a few comments on the changes might be appropriate. The VideoBox 3.0 interface received much criticism on the new member forums when it was first introduced in a beta version a few months ago. It was clunky, cumbersome and added, removed and changed features that the old VB2 interface already handled very well. In short, the introduction of the new interface seemed utterly pointless and in many ways a step or several back. The old VB2 interface is still available for members through a “back to old site” link, but VB3 has been improved a lot over the last weeks and I’m actually starting to like it, and so it seems are others on the VB forum.

VB3 still has some features that aren’t fully implemented yet and I’m sure there will be more adjustments made in the near future (they are responding daily to requests on the forum), but overall the new browsing and playback features are growing on me quickly and it actually feels like a site that makes pretty good use of a modern web page features like various interactive menus and integrated page elements, rather than just throwing them together for the sake of trying something new. And if you don’t like it, the option of using the old site interface remains as mentioned above, at least for the time being (and given the initial backlash during the VB3 beta, I doubt they are likely to remove the old option entirely until the new interface has been fully polished and all features are added).

(Update, March 28: A small but extremely useful feature of the new interface that I forgot to mention on the 16th, is the addition of a much larger range of niches/categories to help you find what you’re looking for. Rather than the ~40 categories in the old interface, itself a number that has grown a bit over the last few years, you now have a whopping 114 niches to choose from in VB3. Most of the new ones relate to things like locations – eg. shower and beach – and certain outfits – eg. cheerleader, nurse or leather, as well as sub categories of larger ones – eg. double anal and specific group sex categories for MFF (male/female/female) and MMF. Based on my browsing so far it also seems like the VB team generally does a pretty good job at tagging scenes with the correct niches.)

A few other notable changes are also worth mentioning in this update. The first is that VideoBox appears to have gotten rid of their previous two tiered pricing plan (premium with DVD quality downloads, basic with lower quality) and there’s now just one type of membership (with the DVD quality downloads of course) – and the prices remain extremely good for the huge amount of content you get here (with the 12 months non-recurring membership you’re paying $8 a month for 10,000+ DVDs and five new ones every day. Try asking for that deal at your local adult video store). The second change is the introduction 720p HD movies. The first HD movie went up just a week ago and so far one out of the five new daily DVDs has been in HD. Hopefully they keep up at least that pace – one area where the huge DVD download sites have been behind many sites with exclusive content in recent years, is definitely the lack of HD video on the former.

November 2010

Another update for my review of the still best DVD download site out there. VideoBox is now past the 9,000 DVD mark and continues to add five a day, seven days a week. While there’s still a fair amount of trash among the updates that few members might bother watching, there are as always also plenty of great and regularly excellent movies – some very recent, originally released on DVD last year or even this year, others being some years older but certainly not any worse for it.

2010 has also seen the addition of a few great studios that are brand new to VideoBox. The standout in my opinion is definitely Diabolic, and there’s already been 87 DVDs from that studio added since their introduction to the site in July.
Similarly there’s plenty of really great movies to enjoy from New Sensations. They were added to the VideoBox lineup in January and are currently represented with 65 DVDs. Check out Schoolgirl POV #2 – Ashlyn Brooke’s scene in particular – for a stellar introduction to New Sensations if you aren’t already familiar with this studio.

February 2010

A few potentially extremely useful features were just added to the already stellar VideoBox user interface. They’ve always had the unique “custom clip” feature where you can set your own video start and end points from several rows of scene screenshots, and then download that specific part of the scene. That’s still possible, but now this feature has also been integrated into the streaming Flash player, allowing you precise control over start and end points. And perhaps more importantly, not only can you still download your selected clip (if you prefer streaming, the Flash player already had an interactive screenshot based scene navigation bar), but you can also save your clips with a title and tags of your choice, and then later browse or search through them from the My VideoBox section of the site, just as you’ve been able to for a while with regular scene, DVD and model bookmarks.

Another very nice new addition is a change to the right sidebar on the site when you’re on a page with the Flash player. You can change the scenes listed in the sidebar without leaving the page and stopping the video player, using a drop down menu to select from options like your bookmarks, related scenes, scenes from the same DVD and additional scenes with the girl(s) in the currently playing one. These new clip related options are brand new, so according to the VideoBox blog there are still a few minor bugs to fix (eg. unnecessary rebuffering from the Flash Player when you’re selecting a clip), but with the testing I’ve done they generally seem to work fine. Additional features and improvements are supposedly slated for the near future, but for now there’s probably little doubt that VideoBox remains the king of the DVD download sites.

November 2009

I’ve been informed that VideoBox will switch back to their old – and a bit more transparant – pricing structure from Monday next week (I’ve changed the info in the pricing box above today). That means slightly lower prices on one month recurring memberships, but also slightly lower savings on multi-months memberships, of which there will now again only be one to choose from. I imagine most new members probably tend to go for the one month option, which means they aren’t losing out on anything here, but rather saving a few bucks. But if you want one of those large 12 months + 6 free memberships, or the smaller 3 + 1 months, it looks like this weekend will be your last chance.

July 2009

In my VideosZ review update yesterday I wrote that “we’re definitely at a point now where VideoBox isn’t quite the same clear cut choice or recommendation that it used to be for me” and “do yourself a favor and check out both sites before you decide.” It seems reasonable that those of you who have gone straight to this still slightly higher rated VideoBox review should see the same recommendation, so that’s what I’m giving you here.

On paper VideoBox in still the better choice, but if like me you have a fair amount of favourite pornstars, studios, movie series, niches etc., you might want to do a little bit of comparison of parts of both movie archives before deciding which site to join. As many of the pornstar profiles I’ve started adding the last couple of months also show, there are typically many shared movies between the two sites, but more often than not one site will end up as the arguably best choice for some pornstars (even if in some cases it’s not necessarily the one with most scenes) – and the worst for others. If you’re rather less particular in your porn preferences and just want as much volume and variety as possible, the site that’s best on paper wins, and as I said above, that remains VideoBox.

June 2009

There have been some changes to the pricing structure at VideoBox. If you choose the one month recurring billing option you will now have to pay an extra $/€6 a month whether you go with the basic or the premium plan (update, June 27: The “Reviewers’ Special” discount on the one month premium membership has now been reintroduced). The prices on both remain lower than those of the closest competitor and most porn sites in general though.

The multi-months membership options on the other hand now offer larger savings than ever, in actual value and not merely percentages of the new monthly price. Particularly the 12 months premium plan offers quite the discount, with six months free on top of the 12 and an average monthly price of $/€6.66 (the 12 months option for the basic plan is similar, just without the extra six months on top). If you find 12/18 months to be a bit too long to plan ahead, there’s now also 3 months options (+ one month free with the premium plan) that averages out at $/€11.99 a month.

March 2009

Yes, yes, I know, it hasn’t even been two weeks since my last VideoBox update, but (in addition to a minor visual interface upgrade) they added a potentially rather interesting new feature to the site tonight – “premium channels”. And yes, those do cost extra ($17.95 per channel, or $9.95 if you’re on a basic membership without DVD quality video), but they are obviously entirely optional. There are still 6,000+ DVDs and counting (quickly) available with the regular memberships. So far two premium channels are available, Evil Angel and Vivid Entertainment, each one currently represented with 102 DVDs. Updates are scheduled with three new DVDs a week for each channel.

I’m gonna copy and paste a quote from a new post on the VideoBox Blog, which explains the choice to add these two studios at an extra cost, rather than just throw them into the regular membership and site as has fairly recently happened with eg. Red Light District and Vouyer Media (two mostly fantastic studios), as mentioned in my update below, and all the other studios on the site before them. “…It wasn’t an easy decsion on our part to add these additional subscriptions. We get a huge number of requests for Evil and Vivid from our members, but those studios were not interested in licensing their content. The only way to get them on board (so that we could give you guys additional content options) was a model like this…” I’m not really a particularly big Vivid fan myself (though I do enjoy some of their movies), but I have a pretty strong feeling I’ll have added that Evil Angel channel to my VideoBox membership before the night is over (the Evil Angel network does give you a fair bit more EA content for 12 bucks extra, but also a site interface that isn’t remotely as userfriendly and featureful as the one at VideoBox, nor quite the same video quality).

March 2009:

The DVD counter at VideoBox passed the 6,000 mark today. Not necessarily an event that by itself warrents yet another review update, but couple that number with a few recent very high profile studio (re)additions, and I think it’s worth these few lines. The studios I’m talking about are Vouyer Media (47 mostly fantastic DVDs added since October, plus another 19 from the earlier 2005/06 VideoBox days) and Red Light District (21 equally great DVDs added since December, on top of the old 71 DVDs from 2005). Additionally the 6,000th DVD, featuring the sexy Monique Alexander in no less than three hardcore b/g scenes (until a couple of years ago I believe she only did girl/girl), is the first DVD from Vivid on the site, so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more from that studio as well.

August 2008:

My favourite porn site soared past the 5,000 DVD mark yesterday. It’s not often I feel inclined to add a word like “congratulations” to my review, but in this case I really can’t help myself. I can see that VideosZ have now change their update pace to match the five DVDs a day VideoBox has been giving us for the last two and a half years – a very nice improvement – but that’s still just not enough to compete on raw volume at this point. Nor do I feel, as I’ve pointed out before, that any of the other DVD download sites can match VideoBox in terms of nifty and userfriendly site interface features – or in most cases for that matter, price or video quality. So yep, there’s a reason this remains the only site I’ve given a 100/100 score. And with new studios, new site features and active communication with the members through the blog and DVD comments, VideoBox certainly isn’t showing any signs of resigning to resting on their laurels.

February 2008:

Not that I haven’t already written plenty about my favourite hardcore porn site, but I nevertheless still feel a couple of yearly updates are in order for the reviews with the highest scores – and VideoBox obviously trumps the rest. Aside from the obvious, that VideoBox now contains a staggering 4,200+ downloadable DVDs vs. 3,100 on my last visit, thanks to the five daily updates, they are also still occasionally improving on the redesigned interface that was introduced last Summer, and site features in general.

One thing that may initially not sound all that exciting is the VideoBox blog, maintained by one of the VideoBox team members, Alison. If, like me, you find a bit of background info interesting, chances are you might like it, and most articles definately get a fair bit of attention in the user comments, where Alison will also typically answer additional questions. So far we’ve had articles about content selection procedures at VideoBox and how deals are struck with brokers and studios, technical stuff about their (huge) server setup, photos and comments from the AVN show, “Top 5 Cum Dodgers”, “The Elusive Oral Creampie”, “How Much Do Porn Stars Make?”, “How to Hide your Porn from your Wife” and several others. So far the most interesting article has probably been the recent interview with director/pornstar Brandon Iron about rough sex, a subject that really seems to be able to set the the VideoBox member community apart if the comments on many “rough” downloadable scenes on the site are anything to go by. Brandon clears up a number of issues and possible misconceptions in this lengthy interview.

Well, maybe I went on for a bit too long about this blog. The vast majority of the VideoBox members no doubt couldn’t care less, they, understandably, just want to download porn (and fortunately for them they won’t even have to look at the blog). I thought it was quite interesting though, that something as usually anonymous as a hardcore video site now has more active and interesting community features than most solo girl sites, sites that really ought to be thriving on that, but in fact rarely seem to do. Anyway, I think I’ll just repeat what I said at the end of my last update – VideoBox is just the best damn hardcore porn site on the Internet. And no doubt I’ll feel like saying exactly the same thing once again the next time I update this review.

August 2007:

For around two months now, VideoBox members have had access to a beta/preview version of an entirely redesigned site interface, and as powerful as the original was, they have actually managed to improve it significantly in a number of areas – something that might not be all that relevant for smaller sites with a limited number of videos to find, watch/download and keep track of, but most certainly needed when you’re looking at a site with now more than 3,100 hardcore DVDs or 17,700+ 10-40 minute scenes. The old site interface is still available (I haven’t used it for over a month now though) and the new one is still labelled “beta”, but aside from a few videos still needing to be made available in the new optional streaming Flash player format and perhaps a few other minor details, it’s pretty much been fully operational for several weeks now and the tour links from this page should also take you to the new version. So I guess I might as well do this review update now.

As mentioned the browsing and search options were already very powerful with the old interface, and the changes have mostly been to the layout of some of the menus and the site structure, making for quicker accessibility to categories etc. Some things have been improved further though, it’s now possible to combine category searches/filters for instance. Say you’re looking for double penetration videos with Asian pornstars. Click the double penetration category and then the Asian category and you’ll have narrowed down your search. You can combine three, four or occasionally even five different categories to really narrow down the results. I should mention though, that it’s highly recommended to change to scenes rather than DVD listings with those searches, otherwise you might come up emptyhanded as a full DVD may not carry each and every category label of all the scenes it contains.

Another area that’s been improved is the “My VideoBox” section. It’s now possible to create and name multiple personal favourites lists, and you can even move bookmarked scenes between lists if you find a need for that. It’s also possible – and recommended – to rate scenes or DVDs you watch (1-5 stars), as those personal ratings will be used to compile a selection of recommended scenes that both show up (100 of them) on a special page as well as in the sidebar when you’re browsing DVDs and scenes. A really neat system that actually seems to come up with a lot of good and appropriate suggestions.

When the time comes to the most important thing, downloading or streaming scenes, VideoBox has retained its old innovative system that allows you to select any part of a scene by dragging and dropping start and end points from several “videostrips” with small preview pics. And of course it’s still possible to simply choose “download entire scene”. There are still four (three with the $9.95 membership) video qualities available for downloads (see the info box above), and now it’s also possible to stream the videos with a Flash player. It’s not the basic type you may know from other porn sites as well as popular mainstream community sites like YouTube though. I was quite impressed to see that there’s a scrollable videostrip integrated into the player, where you can select a starting point based on preview pics in a way very similar to the download system described above. Overall a surprisingly significant improvement to a site that was already damn close to being perfect. It’s almost a shame that I’ve got no room left for a few points on top of the current 100/100 score. VideoBox is just the best damn porn site on the Internet – well, if you’re looking for a vast and varied mix of hardcore videos anyway, I’m not trying to suggest that there aren’t a load of other more specialized sites that are equally good at what they do, just not in the same grand, sweeping way.

March 2007:

First the bad news. A week or two ago VideoBox raised the price for a monthly membership from the old “best in the business” $9.95 to $17.95. The good news is that at $17.95 a month, VideoBox is still cheaper than most of its direct competitors (and most paysites in general, the typical price is still $25-$30 a month), it’s still the largest DVD download site by a substantial margin (not counting pay-per-view DVD sites like AEBN) and it’s still the only one of its kind to add an impressive five new DVDs every single day. The $14.95 a month VIP membership introduced last year doesn’t exist any more, so every member now also gets access to the fourth very high video quality, 720×480 (full DVD resolution) at 2900 kbit or higher (very sharp image quality, pretty much as close as you can get to the quality of the original DVDs while keeping the file sizes managable for broadband connections).

If you plan to stick around for a while it’s also possible to shave a bit off the new higher monthly price with two new discounted multi-month memberships. Five months for $59.37 ($11.87 a month) or ten months for $99.51 (down to the original monthly price of $9.95 a month). So is VideoBox still my favourite DVD download site? Yep – and unless some of its closest competitors gear up for a head on fight with things like faster updates or higher video quality (high enough to match VideoBox, it’s not really possible to go much higher until they start tapping into the coming generation of high definition adult DVDs), it will probably remain that way for quite a while to come.

And here comes the part I had never really expected to have to do with any site – give (or in this case update) a score to 100/100. There’s really no way around it anymore. I stalled the last time given that the 720×480 version was only available with the VIP membership, but since there’s now only one membership type and the DVD resolution version is included here, the quality score has got to go from 17/20 to 20/20. And since 2500 DVDs and counting is still incredibly good value for money, even at the new slightly higher price, I can’t even justify avoiding that slightly too perfect looking 100/100 score by fiddling around with the value for money score. In any case, since nothing is perfect that’s not really what that 100 score tries to claim anyway. VideoBox is just a very, very good site. Or, at least I think so – and have done so for quite a while now.

June 2006:

3rd look?! Only two months after the second one? Don’t I have something better to do – like review new sites for instance?
Yep, sure do, but when it comes to some of the absolute best porn sites currently in existence I think they deserve a bit more of my time than all the slightly to severely less impressive ones. The main reason for this 3rd look is the boost of the Content Quantity score I held back the last time because VideosZ was still a good 200 DVDs ahead. Well, they aren’t anymore – in just two months VideoBox has gone from 786 to 1056 downloadable DVDs, and if they continue their five DVDs a day update schedule (and there’s no indication otherwise) they’ll blow past VideosZ in about a week. As last time I’ve decided not to add any points to the Content Quality score, as the new 720×480, 2900 kbit videos are still reserved for the premium membership (and yes, it’s still only $14.95 despite the “premium” tag). Otherwise we would be looking at a 100 percent score.

April 2006:

About a month ago VideoBox kicked up the update pace quite considerably, from one new DVD every day to five, meaning they have added well over 200 hours worth of video in just the last month. They have also added an optional premium membership (and at $14.95 a month that’s still only around half the price of what most, much smaller, porn sites charge). With this membership comes a fourth quality option – 720×480 (same resolution as DVD), 2900 kbit. Needless to say the videos look great, but unless you’re on a fast broadband connection, go buy yourself a beer or something else instead for those extra five bucks a premium membership costs you. The video files are obviously huge, typically 400-600 Megabyte. No changes to any scores. The jump in volume since the original review is impressive, but for the time being rival site VideosZ remains my yardstick in that regard for these types of porn sites. If VideoBox keeps it up with five DVDs a day, they’ll kick VideosZ off the throne pretty soon though. I have decided not to change the quality score either considering the improvements are reserved for the slightly more expensive premium membership. Otherwise we’re looking at a 20/20 score in that category.

Original review:
About two and a half years ago I was a member of a fairly large adult video site for several months. The site was called Climax Corner and offered a neat little collection of roughly a hundred downloadable hardcore DVDs from well known porn studios. The best part was the price – $9.95 a month was an extremely low monthly membership price, especially given the 150 or so hours of adult entertainment it bought you. Earlier this year I came across a site called VideoBox and quickly found out that it was my old favorite that had gotten a name change, a design makeover and a pretty significant content upgrade – but still keeping at its close to unbeatable price point.

As of the time of writing VideoBox offers members a hugely impressive 565 downloadable DVDs, and a new full DVD is added daily. Like other sites based on a similar concept the idea is not particularly original, nor is the content as its obviously licensed from porn studios that makes similar deals with other porn sites, not to mention selling the original DVDs in stores of course. The sheer volume of hardcore porn you get for just ten bucks a month makes VideoBox very much worth your time though. Currently you will find more than 30 popular hardcore niches or categories covered at VideoBox, and with the movies coming from nearly 50 different studios – both large and small, there’s a whole lot of variety here. Whether you are looking for a specific favourite pornstar or just “generic” anal sex, Latina hotties, gangbangs or squirting videos you are pretty much guaranteed to find it in the VideoBox archives.

Complementing the large video collection is an excellent and extremely user friendly site interface. Aside from a standard search box you can use to search for pornstar or DVD names or any other keyword, VideoBox offers a number of other options to help you find what you’re looking for. From drop down boxes in the menu on the side you can pick a studio, a category/niche, a pornstar (the 120+ most popular names can be chosen) or a movie series (there is a significant number of series, each with 2-10 DVDs), and from every movie page you land on you can also click on pornstar names, categories etc. Another nice feature I find myself using quite often is the row of four “related” scenes you get whenever you click through to a scene – it has led me to a lot of great scenes I might otherwise have missed. Worth noting is also the the “favourites” function that allows you to bookmark both full DVDs or individual scenes.

The most innovative feature (one which was present already on the old ClimaxCorner site) is probably the ability to pick almost any part of a scene for download. Every scene is presented with several rows of thumbnail images – each image representing roughly one minute. By dragging and dropping the images you can select start and end point of the scene so you can download all of it or any short or long part in between. Very nice if you want a little preview before you decide if it’s worth downloading the full 100-250 Megabyte.

Speaking of file size, all videos are available in three different qualities, and they can either be streamed directly in your browser or downloaded to your computer. The lowest quality doesn’t look pretty at all, but for people on dial-up connections I imagine it’s nice to have the option. The medium version is slightly better, but anyone on a broadband connection will most likely go for the high quality version – a pretty good 480×352 resolution with a 640 kbit bitrate.
Not a match for the increasing number of sites offering 640×480, 1000 kbit versions and higher, but acceptable for full screen viewing. VideoBox has a select few direct competitors that are almost a match in terms of features and which have the lead in terms of raw volume, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a porn site of any kind offer 800+ hours of video (and counting) for ten bucks a month – not even close actually.


Written by Richard Reader

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