Are you in a peeping kind of mood or do you feel like chatting it up with a sexy young woman who may prefer to talk to you only when she’s totally naked? Then let’s turn our monitors to SeventeenLive and see what goes on behind these closed doors! Webcam chat is very popular these days, and you don’t have to click far to trip over some form of “live chat” or another. In many cases, the idea of “free live chat” is thrown around to snag surfers into an endless pit of credit card tipping – well, it’s endless if you have no credit limit.

live from Amsterdam

Cute European student in her private chat room.

As I’m writing this commentary, I am watching a young babe live on my monitor, and unlike so many other webcam/live chat sites, I am getting the XXX show without having to feed the peter meter! Seventeen Live is a different kind of live webcam chat and the makers of this site have been around since before the web! Hang on: The chick on my screen is fingering her shaved ass! And now she is rubbing her smooth pussy lips and squeezing them together – yummy! I see that she has opted for the traditional Brazilian wax – complete with the cute landing strip up top. Jane, is just one of the many sweet teen (18+) girls who devotes much of her day to playing and chatting with members of Seventeen Live.

tramp stamp hips

Another slim hostess in her private room, naked.

No doubt, you are familiar with the expression “You get what you pay for” and probably even know what it means. This holds true especially for webcam sites. Don’t be fooled by the “free” live chat sites – nothing is really free. One of the best differences between SeventeenLive and the so called “free” sites is that you DO pay a membership fee to get in. But having invested your hard earned porn dollars entitles you to ongoing shows which are nude, erotic and explicit WITHOUT having to fork out additional bucks.

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But don’t get me wrong. These chicks love to be “tipped” just like any other webcam (peepshow) performers. They will gladly accept gifts (in the form of additional tokens you can “conveniently” purchase) any time you feel the urge to step up the pace and slip into a more private (VIP) situation. But you don’t have to pay more if you don’t want to and you still get to chat with the girls, and watch them reveal their most intimate parts in extremely seductive ways. The babes are all hotties by many popular standards and their “uniform” typically involves a pair of socks – period.

chubby cam pussy

Chicks come in all shapes and sizes. Lovers of stronger women will find their addiction covered.

I’m now watching a lovely young blonde fingering her bottom while teasing her clit with a vibrator. The cool thing about this site is that you can select from several different camera angles. Additionally, would it surprise you to learn that you can even zoom in, but THAT will cost you some extra credits. Either way, SeventeenLive is one of the more generous teen webcam/chat sites seen in a while and well worth the $34.17 monthly fee ($97.17 for 90 days). But the best part is that you can take a 3 day peek for only $13.63! Whichever option you choose, you can count on hot shows by sexy young babes at SeventeenLive!

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